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Let's open this can of worms.

Let me give you some facts as a food for thought first, to start discussion.

  1. There is only one chest type and the loot doesn't seem to be expertly distributed.

  2. Most people are using melee weapons - tactical positioning is not required, even ground is preferable to anything else. Use a shield against archer to move up to him, etc.

  3. You get top tier weapons very often from the very first chests - I've seen a zwei being dropped from the FIRST chest near spawn on stream.

  4. (1+2) The map does not incentivise you to go anywhere, apart from hunting people down - loot is easy to get and I've seen at least six 333 halberds at the end of the game.

  5. There are no selectable spawn areas. Note that the areas could be big. Those allow for hotspots for high tier loot / high density chests, or quiet spots. These distinctions are extremely vital for a BR game because it gives a sense of freedom and you get less RNG results that way.

  6. (1+2+4) If you remove a possible thrill of the hunt and seeking out lone vulnerable players alike, BR looks like a simple FFA on a large map - which becomes a duelyard with no rules attached.

  7. Having a low amount of ranged weapons is refreshing, since now you can cross open spaces and generally feel safer. However, this also means that you may often see enemies and feel incapable of doing anything to them.

  8. (6+7) Since a LOT of people die in the first minute or so etc, the map somewhat becomes a ghost town, so people walk around trying to find a duel opponent most of the time.

Summary of all points above: The gamemode becomes a duelyard without rules on a huge map with loot and a tint of ranged combat. You really are better off going on a Duelyard server and getting first place THERE.

(the positive points were intentionally ignored here. there are only a few though)


Add areas filtered as high tier gear (top of the castle for example) and low tier gear (the church for example). Add a lot more peasant weapons, so that seeing a proper weapon is a rare commodity (this one is subjective though). Add area spawns. Add a map popup. Add more incentive to play the gamemode. Perhaps lock out all the 9+ cost weapons into high tier areas? Or add an "airdrop" - a chest that shines a magical beacon into the sky.

The gamemode is not ready for release, unless you bank on new players getting excited to try all the weapons out. I understand we are SOMEWHAT burnt out and have tried all the weapons, so chest drops ultimately become meaningless. After a few matches, everything becomes dull and everything becomes a deja vu - unless a newbie somehow manages to beat a comp guy.

In my opinion, the devs made the mistake of assuming BR is good because they played it together in a VC (most likely). Friends make everything better - it is a known concept, many a man play crap old games and enjoy them... with company. (yes, squads is a legitimate fix as well)

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@Pred said:

  1. Noobs not knowing what CFTP is

I feel like this is a more important issue to address than removing hyper armor, devs, although those are mutually exclusive. Hyper armor screws with early gambles, whilst CFTP screws with late ones. However, there is a distinction of sorts - any new player can easily see the windup and release of the attack being performed, and they think there's going to be room for an attack inbetween. It's not like hyper armor where they just get insta'd from their teammate feed - which happens to all of us.

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Oh, come on, man. Complaining about 2-3-0 whilst we got a buff to the Executioner Sword that lets you one-shot naked legs, and a lot of weapons 2HK'ing legs+torso?

331, 231, 330, 230 are not "basically full protection" at all.

I've studied damage and armor for tens of hours. I can say for sure that 333=332, but if you go any lower you suffer losses.

Easy example of a loss - 231, vs longsword, get hit in the head and in the legs = dead.

I do not advocate for this rock-paper-scissors gameplay, but it exists - Light armor usually gets 2HK by everything including smaller weapons (and that's the usual counter aside from Exe sword 1HK), but, in turn, light armors can footwork blunts easier with no reduction in effectiveness.

I believe the damage system is fair, after having used all the armors. However, T2 chest majorly sucks. Extremely so.
(The nerf to lower legs should help the current 332 331 users)

With that out of the way, I'll address my personal opinions.

Yes, Longsword's OP.
I do want plate armor to be costed at 4, but then you'd break the image of a full plate knight with a greatsword, which is undoubtedly a selling point. Also it screws with the otherwise linear system. So, I do not think that is a solution unless you're revamping more things.
Right now there's little incentive to go light armor aside from literally one thing; Halberd. We need more things like that. Polehammer? OP perks? Buckler? An actual historical long, high-cost one-handed Rapier? Something of the sort.
Personally, lunge is the issue, but, as others mentioned, it's a noob-friendly mechanic.

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Has this ever occured to you? It usually happens to me whenever I stab drag and they chamber it, but it can happen on any exchange really.

Is this a feature of the "late chamber" - not having an answer to a chamber except for a parry?

Trust me, in some scenarios I am legitimately unable to thrust back. I am mashing the button until I get hit.

I know for a fact some other people have experienced this, but I haven't asked around extensively - hence the usage of this forum.
Do give some insight on this, or perhaps share your own stories.

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That's not what I said tho. Why are you schooling me about feints.

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Last patch, we've had legitimate concerns about long weapons being unreadable such as the GS and bardiche. Thankfully, that has been somewhat addressed. Can any skilled players who have played against the changed weapons, or any long weapons in patch 18, confirm that you ARE able to read them to a large extent? For example, an 80% chance to read drag/accel of BAxe (sounds unrealistic to me).

Another point is, does the "ideal balance" require these attacks to be somewhat unreadable, so that offense is stronger than defense? If so, can we agree on the percentages and playtest them thoroughly until we reach readable animations and release times?

I've heard some people talk about 50/50s meta being in the game again, but I'd guess it applies to morphs more than accel/drags. Still, try to fight Pac and see how much you can read.