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What was the latest word on the devs allowing admins to deactivate specific weapons on their server?

On true DM servers (not duelyards) I predict that most servers with more than a few players will often turn into an archer hunt. Especially on maps like Pit where multiple teaming archers can fire down from 360 elevation into a killbox desert fishbowl.

Without some kind of weapon deactivation it will be very difficult for an admin to enforce duelyard rules. The RDM quotient will hit the stratosphere once archery is implemented, which means more kicks/bans/problems. It might be a good idea to anticipate this problem and include a solution within the future archery patch.

Either weapon deactivation or the devs might even consider just making DM and FFA different modes with DM being melee, and FFA being melee and ranged.

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Just back away slowly Pred.

Just back away slowly and don't meet his gaze.

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@Ranten said:
Disabling adblock fixed it all


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How long do you guys suppose Jax will wait before he starts the show trials?

We could do with a good old fashioned purge to keep us frosty.

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Our short bus finally has a driver.

Seriously though congratulations Jax. They picked the right man for the job.

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When you publicly speculate that Jax is a lizard and the next day this happens:

Screenshot from 2018-04-19 12-19-23.png

They aren't even trying to hide it at this point.

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I'm with the Duck on this one. That video must die.


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I didn't mean for it to come out looking sad and angry, Eru.

4th Dimensional Teapot

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@Survii said:

@Jax said:

may have forgotten like 50% of the lyrics and/or alcohol may have been involved

I can't remember who said it but someone said you look like a different guy in every picture. I guess that applies to videos aswel lmao. New customisation for your character "Jax": Guitar Jax

That was me.

He's like the Doctor only he changes more often and only by a tiny amount. By my estimation we're on the 9th version of the lizard / man we call Jax.

I watch every stream at 1/4 speed to find the extra eyelid, but nothing so far. He is one of the sneaky ones... But he'll slip up one day.

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Two "portraits" of some forum regulars.

A needlessly horrific Rattsknecht

A quickly drawn caricature of Jax from memory with gold eyes for some reason
jax copy.png

Alcohol and some free time may have been involved.

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one on the times we are consuming in the rod lobster when in walkings a man crushed who says i am man crushed and here to give many moneys to poor people we all made laughing until big greasy wad of the skin of frogs is pulled from jacket we jump and run to crushed money throwing and many smaller persons was trampled but still laughed and sang honor to the crushed man who smiled as we made many promise to each others faces to eat more of the rod lobster

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Some options that should be in the final game anyways imo, the first of which would solve this problem.

Black screen on death for: "5 sec" or "until respawn"
No sound on death for: "5 sec" or "until respawn"

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Just one state? I envision TWO states of Mordhau.


Would anyone even notice over half of Montana is "missing"?

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@Jax said:


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Lazy went camping on an island near Paris to learn marine biology... Or something like that.

The paperwork from issues we need his decisions on has his desk completely covered. The ceiling fan is slightly brushing the highest stack.

That soft daily "tss - tss - tss - tss" sound is a constant bitter reminder of his absence.

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Don't get me wrong I'm usually honest to a fault and wouldn't have personally handled it like he did, but with the benefit of firsthand involvement in the situation, and knowledge of more personal details I intentionally did not go into I will say that I certainly appreciated seeing a friend have his troubles lifted. While it put me in an awkward situation where I chose to lie by omission I still feel it was a "Cool Guy" act of compassion by the other guy even if it wasn't the best solution from a moral standpoint.

The moral of the story is that all of these problems could have been avoided if everyone had just sat down at their local Red Lobster, ordered the highest priced menu items, and talked things through.