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I'll momentarily lay down my mask of semi-indifference and confess I wish the color was fully customizable. I feel that from a "public relations" perspective it is just plain common sense to accommodate this fairly innocuous request. Personally I would have made it fully customizable from the start, and would not have even considered offering a "one size fits all" kickstarter reward like the current longsword.


I also realize Grator had his own personal reasons for resisting even the minor change we've been given... And I respect him for that. It shows integrity and that he has a genuine passion for his work.

He likely grit his teeth and met us in the middle on this issue, and I for one feel that we should reciprocate his compromise. Instead of lamenting what "little" we have, instead let's move forward and focus more on how we can positively impact the game in ways that matter far more than some minor customization options.

If this limited kickstarter reward has left you feeling empty you can always satisfy your need for variety at your local Red Lobster™

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I'm going to be completely honest here...

I've been around since the Slasher Reddit days... And I still can't tell you who Sammy was, whether it was male or female, or a single defining characteristic of said person.

I distinctly remember reading posts from Sammy, but I can't nail down any specifics. Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention.

Either way if you're still alive come back Sammy... I still haven't decided what I think of you.

Even if you never come back tell your Red Lobster server "Seymour is victorious" for a 30% discount on any single entree item. At least then when I'm reviewing the national income discount reports I'll know you're alive and well.

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@Ulkenstride said:
This video will probably bring Mordhau tons of new fans.

And we will welcome them with open arms. Then we will shoot down their ideas, mock their lack of alpha / beta access, and run off 90% of them.

They can take refuge from the dark deluge of cold rain that is these forums by drying their weary bodies in the warm glow of their local Red Lobster™

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A term of endearment.

Maul Ninja:
People who OHK you with a maul from behind.

A derisive carryover term from Chiv for players who main throwing weapons (Javelins, Short Spears, etc.) Coming soon to a Mordhau near you.

Leg taunt or Legtaunt:
Gauntlet. Applies to both the player or the armor. "gf leg taunt" or "I like the way those legtaunts look with that lute."

Clack Clack / Snip Snap Click Clack:
Only the cool kids get this one.

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Even though "Man Man" strike me as a bunch of degenerate hipsters... I still like this performance. Everything from the shaky camera to the lighting to the grotesque novelty of practised mental illness. It makes me feel like I'm someone from the early 20th century seeing my first live jazz performance.

Side note: Cocaine is a hell of a drug, and apparently also helps you play the piano with your face (36 secs in.)

A song I have had stuck in my head for about a week now. It's like the movie "The Ring". I'm showing it to you so it will stop haunting me.

An absolutely brilliantly creepy and surreal adaptation of a jazz standard. Awesome rotoscoping.

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I'm more concerned that people are taking advice from a doctor named Daryl.

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@Huggles said:
It's click clack snip snap u poser.

Clack Clack is also acceptable, Huggles. You fraud.


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I wouldn't call this depressing but...

You know when you have a pot of something on the stove, and you pick it up to move it somewhere and halfway between the stove and your destination you realize the handle is WAY hotter than you thought, but you can't drop it because you might splash yourself with it, so you just keep holding it and let it burn you as you rush to set it down?

Being in that situation feels like you're an example question in the Morrowind class generator.

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Mumbles something while trying to look all cute and shy


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It is with true sincerity that I thank you for this kind gesture, Grator.

I will now honor you in my own special way:


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Perhaps make it variable where a single click is a quick throw, but holding for 1 sec and then releasing results in a harder throw with more distance.

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If this thread continues on like this it might be the first (?) ever to be moved out of Off Topic and into Feedback & Suggestions.

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And just think... A year from now some new forum member might stumble across this post and wonder who we all are, and where we went.

Remember thou art mortal.

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Just "no", Jax?

Not one of your disturbing plural responses as if you and the devs are one entity? Two can play at that game. I'll speak for the forum.

"We find that creepy, Jax."

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You're right that wrinkle is hilarious.

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@Punzybobo said:

@EatAtRedLobster said:
I went for years ignoring most country music even though I am a southern man. Once I matured some, and learned to temper (some) of my rebellious nature, I started appreciating good music regardless of genre and realized how fantastic country music can be.

It can be very easy to ignore and discount the massive debt modern music owes to earlier country, folk, and blues tracks. If people research who influenced some of their favorite bands they will probably soon find themselves listening to various "vintage" recordings.

this really speaks to my inner country guy

I like the Four Tops recording of it more.