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His tweets are funny though.

I was going to ban you for this, but then I flipped a coin on it. Let's just say you got lucky this time.


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yea i havent seen that. i go through fits and spurts of lurking the forums and if it isnt obvious already i miss quite a lot lol.


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They ought to give kickstarter donators an item and/or title that they can give as a gift to any non titled player. Limited to 1 gift per month. Any given title would obviously need to be something different than any of the currently existing ones.

For instance "Gentleman" or a similar lower rank, and a special cosmetic item.

I know I would personally enjoy being able to occasionally gift players something semi-rare.

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It will have to remain one of life's mysteries.

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The trick is allowing enough freedom of customization to be satisfying, but tempering it so that it stops short of a gay pride parade colliding with a renaissance festival.

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Yes it is my own original work.

Clack Clack!

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Jax sat motionless at the stoplight. His eyes unfocused and lazily fixed to some hazy point on the horizon. A warm wind gently bent a nearby spruce with a graceful even flow as a dog barked somewhere off in the distance. His eyes slowly traced back to the light.

"How long has that been green?" he thought to himself.

The pavement in front of the liquor store was weathered and worn smooth from the 60 years of troubled feet it had seen. Hairline cracks tracing across it's surface in patterns like a family tree. Wrinkles in a solid face of stone. The small brass doorbell chimed as Jax walked in. Frank, the owner, glanced up briefly from his crossword puzzle. His coffee cup, as always, sitting on the the corner of the newspaper to weigh it down from a small oscillating metal-bladed fan. His only air conditioning. Jax walked casually but with a grim determination to the shelf where his target waited. His body drawn like steel to a terrible magnet. He walked to the counter gripping the slick plastic bottle by it's neck like a dead animal. Roadkill. Found but not earned. A gradual expression of horror took hold of Frank's face as the label came into focus. That horrible mockery to all good whisky.

Kentucky Deluxe.

Jax glared back at him with a worn defiance as he pulled his wallet from his pocket. Having never sold a bottle of this crime against humanity Frank reflexively hesitated, then started to reach for a stack of folded brown paper as if attempting to cover up the scene of a crime.

"No." Jax snapped sharply. "No bag. I want them to see."

Frank frowned and nodded. His leathery hand took the bill and moved with a slow and deliberate rhythm as he counted out change with a noticeable reluctance. His eyes fixed on his task. Jax stared wearily through the dusty window to a yard across the street. A child playing happily in a sprinkler. A bitter smile crept across his face.

"Never become a community manager, Frank."

"No matter how much you give them... They'll always want more."

Frank stopped counting and tried to look like he wasn't holding back tears. A sudden rustling sound split the awkward silence. Both men looked down. The newspaper glided quickly across the counter and slipped off onto the floor below. The weakened paper had given way to a wet ring of coffee. Under the heavy ceramic cup a lone torn corner of paper fluttered from the fan like the wing of a wounded bird. Small characters flapping with an unnatural immediacy. Jax lifted the cup and brought the paper to his face with curiosity. A single word within a fragment of the crossword puzzle. A bullseye centered in a slick brown ring. He read it. Then again. Then one more time.

He stood there for a long moment. His lips soundlessly mouthing the word to himself. Over and over.

Wordlessly he tucked the ripped corner into his pocket and walked to the door, leaving the bottle on the counter. He reached for the handle then turned back smiling.

"Keep the change."

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I apologize in advance. It had to be done.


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The train would never get out of the city due to yet another union strike and/or poor rail maintenance so the correct answer is:


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So by this logic if we hammered Vanguard he would become a capitalist, and then upon further beatings degrade back into communism.

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A train leaves Chicago at 6:14 am CST traveling East at 60 MPH.

At that same moment Crushed steps out of his front door and begins walking West at 3.1 MPH.

On the day Mordhau is released what major American city will the train be closest to?

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@Runagate said:
this is literally me when bows come out

I came across that video a while back and found it quite interesting. One of the few you can watch beginning to end without skipping ahead.

Also... Arrow catch perk WHEN?

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Who is to say they aren't the same person?

I can almost hear the electrical sizzle of the hologram as the lizard shapeshifter decloaks.


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I Believe We Should Remove Combo Feint To Parry.

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I think the actual objects aren't that relevant and could have been any number of things. What I personally think sells the incomplete memory idea is that I made every single object partially obscured or off frame. By not showing a full complete view of anything it feels intangible and creates a sensation of missing visual information.

The same emotional effect could probably be achieved with a carefully arranged photograph of watermelons and beagles.

Watermelons and Beagles™

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summer 3.png

An attempt to capture the fuzzy memory one has when remembering a dream.

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I'll eat at KFC if you'll eat at Red Lobster.

Maybe by the time we get back the game will have been released.

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The heat and humidity so far has been bad enough that I've trimmed down my glorious beard. August in Oklahoma looms before me like a firing squad while I anxiously sweat through my blindfold waiting for the hammer to fall.

On the plus side I've finally managed to fix my computer and due to my carefully designed cooling it has been running at around 33C in a 87F room, and a full 25 degrees lower than the CPU max temp rating while gaming. I look forward to seeing how cool it runs in the fall and winter.

EDIT: Gauntlet was right. All I had to do was scrub my motherboard with soap and water.