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I went for years ignoring most country music even though I am a southern man. Once I matured some, and learned to temper (some) of my rebellious nature, I started appreciating good music regardless of genre and realized how fantastic country music can be.

It can be very easy to ignore and discount the massive debt modern music owes to earlier country, folk, and blues tracks. If people research who influenced some of their favorite bands they will probably soon find themselves listening to various "vintage" recordings.

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I'd rather enjoy the affordable and family friendly atmosphere of my local Red Lobster™.

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Here is some country (not that modern pop crap with a twang) and folk music. Give it a chance. This is coming from someone who used to actively dislike country music.

Easily one of the most beautiful perfomances I have ever heard:

Good thumpage:

A nice old fashioned track:

A beautiful piece from an artist I only recently discovered:

A very nicely arranged piece:

Hawaiian with a slight country twinge. Well worth including:

Probably one of the best Beatles covers ever TBH:

Some nice vocal harmony on this dark old track:

Just think of this one as redneck trance:

Wonderful performance from good old John Fahey:

One of the most soulful songs I have ever heard:

And finally this piece with some extra info. Taken from wikipedia:

"Be Thou My Vision" (Old Irish: Rop tú mo baile or Rob tú mo bhoile) is a traditional hymn from Ireland. The most well known English version, with some minor variations, was translated by Eleanor Hull and published in 1912. In 1919, the lyrics were set to the tune of the Irish folk tune "Slane", to which the song is sung to this day, both in English and Irish. The song has often been attributed to the sixth-century Irish Christian poet Saint Dallan,[1] though some scholars cite an eighth-century date.[2]

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Not everything is an excuse for a meme, Son.

Your understanding of this concept would increase if you would but only indulge more in the bountiful harvest of the sea that only your nearest Red Lobster™ can provide.

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LMB = Parry
RMB = Lower Right Strike
Mouse Thumb = Lower Left Strike
Scroll Down = Use key
Scroll Click = Weapon Mode
Q = Feint
E = Right Strike
F = Left Strike
R = Right Upper Strike
Tab = Left Upper Strike
Spacebar = Left Stab
C = Right Stab
Left Alt = Kick
Left CTRL = Crouch
G = Jump

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@EruTheTeapot said:

@Sir Zombie said:

@Frise said:
we need a OHK memey weapon.




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I think the way the executioner sword quickly queues up a follow up attack is pretty much how same side comboing could be implemented on some weapons. Normal fluid swings like we have now for standard combos, but quickly queued attack for same side "combos."

Or maybe I'm overlooking something obvious and I should just shut up and go back to shilling some lobster idk.

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@Bodkin said:
All those random light brown pieces of leather you can't customize, screw that. Let a global leather coloring exist for this stuff, same as we have for metal color.


It's like having vintage handmade italian leather shoes with non-removable pink unicorn laces.

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I think Frise just got nicely told to shut up and pick coffee beans.

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"Comrade Stalin has decided each man will chew the gum no more than five times, then he will pass it to the man on his right."

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I keep them infrequent so I do not overexpose the brand. I can't constantly tell you about the delicious and affordable offerings you can find at any of our convenient locations.

Such as our new shrimp penne alfredo with ocean fresh salad, 2 cheddar bay biscuits, and a large drink all for only $12.99!

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From what I've read even though it seems like the devs should be able to simply hit a "mirror" key and we suddenly have a left-handed mode, it actually appears to be more involved than that.

I am cross dominant handed, and would love to try out a left-handed mode, but I doubt it will ever see inclusion.

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We ought to have a thread where people who don't want to post a photo of themselves instead create themselves using the mordhau face customization and post it.

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@EruTheTeapot said:
Says the monkey with three mouths

Maybe they are actually just three messed up eyes.

Admit you can't resist scrolling up and looking at it again. Admit it.


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The last time I saw it the guy on the right was holding it:

Stalin 1_2.jpeg

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Rare previously unseen footage of Ceegal and Huggles fighting:

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If I added a positive comment here, it would be a left-handed compliment.

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I often make the memes I post tbh.

It... Soothes me.