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@Runagate said:
I gave you your 3000th like :)

Clack Clack!

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I've seen this too many times. Duck you just need to raise your B12 intake and regulate your adrenal function.

For your sake as well as ours I suggest you visit your local Red Lobster™ and supplement your vitamin deficiency by consuming large amounts of competitively priced quality seafood.

And remember... The higher priced menu items are the most beneficial to your health.

You deserve it!

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No one ever promised that just because you choose to fill an additional slot with a secondary weapon (instead of a utility item) that you'll be guaranteed to switch to it in time if you're disarmed.

Switching to a secondary is a band-aid to the actual underlying problem of poor stamina management which lead to being disarmed in the first place.

@The Bird
What is with this first person nonsense? "I" should not exist in The Bird's vocabulary.

The Lobster does not approve.


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Disliked and Unsubscribed.


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@JasonBourne said:
CFTP is fine, frying lobsters alive is not.

Of course CFTP is fine. I was just being needlessly sarcastic.

When it comes to the lobsters we only threaten to cook them alive when we interrogate them for names and places. Don't let the bastards fool you. They are second only to puffins in being the most dangerous threat to world peace.

Think about it. Why else would we want to buy Greenland?

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Liked and subscribed.

CFTP was so infamous I uninstalled.

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Just search the forum for Mordhau 2099.

You don't know man... You weren't there.

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According to the few small segments of corrupted jpg data I've been able to recover over the last year the current state of the game is following the exact same operation parameters as Mordhau 2099. It's so close that it's even spacing updates in identical intervals to the original project. This all leads into something the Project Langosta document reffered to as the "second stage event trigger initiated by the Castello Protocol."

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@Kaiowa said:
The whole building system needs to be reworked tbh.


The devs could stand to take another look at some of the ideas Gauntlet laid out in this thread:

This was before he mysteriously disappeared back into the 5th dimension to secretly battle dark forces on behalf of mankind.

I miss him tbh.

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Bind both forward and sprint to "W"?

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I don't mean to egg on any further crowing, but it seems that this mistranslation really ruffled some feathers.

Whatever cocky dev did this he certainly ran afowl and left Tritenion with egg on their face.

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Here is an intentionally bad piece I threw together in the last hour simply to keep this thread going.

Literally quickly drew the first things that popped into my head. A bird looking at double arrows surrounded by floating diamond shapes.


Prints are available in the gift shop. Poster size only. $129.99 per unit. Minimum orders of 200 units only.

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Drop to your knees and gaze upon me in despair.

Recoil and shield your eyes as I flip you a shimmering golden bird.

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I understand completely. Chinese quality is garbage on nearly everything.

I'm glad to hear you found some artist grade paint. Do keep in mind though that watercolor paint is very easy and affordable to mix up yourself with purchased pigments and binder. If you do this you can ensure the highest quality while saving money.

A lot of common pigments are surprisingly toxic. If you ever want to research high quality yet safe pigments you might find this site helpful:

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@Runagate said:

I am glad to see you are still pursuing your watercolors, Runagate.

You are improving at perspective and distance. The horizontal lines give it a very peaceful feeling. Ordinarily with a landscape like that I would like to see hazy distant shapes to make it pop, but I find myself liking this piece as it is. It has a certain feeling of mystery as to what is over that ridge.

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If it makes you feel any better they do have limitations. They can be hard to accessorize with when customizing a loadout due to mismatched color tones, and silver / gold tints.

Other times they just simply don't work well with an overall aesthetic and you look like Gandalf wearing the infinity gauntlet.

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I feel a sudden inexplicable need to listen to Eric Clapton.


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