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If the devs would get around to implementing slow salamander style semi auto refreshing for quick listing most of these types of problems would be fixed.

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If they would only implement slow salamander style semi auto refreshing for quick listing this would become a non-issue.

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The answer to most of these problems is slow salamander style semi auto refreshing for quick listing TBH.

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I am still surprised that slow salamander style semi auto refreshing for quick listing hasn't been added.

It's literally the easiest imaginable function to add.

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April 1st: Updated list.

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Humble you just don't get it... Who cares about all of that?


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You'll have to try harder than that son.

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The current focus is to backtrack easily preventable fuckups like the hitstop debacle while focusing on troll tier cosmetics, longsword and cleaver skins, and 25ms microtweaks while ignoring nearly 2 years of common sense suggestions which could be easily implemented within a week...

Too soon?

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Under-Fucking-Whelming patch to say the least TBH.

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I actually had that written down in the 1st draft of the list, but I thought I was probably just nitpicking and omitted it.

If some kind soul posted a humorous picture... A knight riding a chicken or something like that then I might find it in my heart to add it back in.

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In retrospect I now think we need SLOW salamander style SEMI auto-refreshing for quick listing. That would prevent TK values from peaking and causing server routing false positives due to packet loss.

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@PC_Principal said:
I was tempted to post a svastika tattoo but I refrained thinking about the possible consequence.

I thought acknowledging anything between 1933-45 still carried the risk of being sacrificed to an owl statue in the town square.

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Here's your reaction:

If you want people to take your opinion seriously consider your reputation and don't post quotations from private messages like you just did with me.

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That place is notorious at this point. You can just say the words "Invasion", "Noble", and "House" to anyone and they know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

Stupid smug house with it's precious little fireplace. With it's arrogant staircase and faggy wood railing... Stupid bunkbed and too many windows...

It's overly convenient ammo box and let's not forget- LET'S NOT FORGET that pretentious hallway that connects to that other building....

I wish that house had a neck and I had my hands claws around it.

Oh... Yeah... Try our new garlic something or other I don't know. Biscuits or something...

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@Quenquent said:
Patch should be coming next week.

slomo 0.001

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So many FFA style Kniggas.

I'd like to see more that have to be created under the team color restraints.

EDIT: The first person who prances in and says "Just turn off team colors" gets an ice pick to the eye and banned from every Red Lobster™ in NA.

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I've heard whispers that his staff is far from humble.

Rumor has it he can grip objects using it like an elephants trunk.

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@The Bird said:
The Bird approves. Be kind to birds.








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Easiest farmed like in history. Just stole it from Jamcakes. Took 10 seconds.

But the REAL attraction is THIS abomination:

Humble will you ever forgive me?