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Have I mentioned how HANDSOME you look today, Huggles?

I just can't get over how great you look! Have you lost weight?

Can I get you anything?

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I feel your pain.

The horrifying fact that there isn't a "Jack" tombstone makes me so depressed that only a Cheddar Bay Biscuit™ can ease my troubled mind.

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@Frise said:
can we get a rear view mirror too, so I can see what happens behind me without needing to turn around?

That reminded me of this meme I saw recently:

I posted it in off topic so as to not clutter this thread.

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Hi Stouty!

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Here is my experiment in lego sculpture minimalism:


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I've wondered before why they couldn't just implement a simple mandatory team sash which is clearly visible from the front and back and limit it to a color spectrum.

Similar to the one below, but with different designs instead of a scottish tartan. They could include a large variety of pattern options (Stripes , Checkers, etc.) and a minimum 2 color requirement, perhaps with a set base color.


Then you could have maximum freedom of loadout options. If you wanted to be perverse you could even join the "Red Team" and make a character that is blue from head to toe, but because you have your big bright "Red Team" sash identifying you it would still clearly indicate your alignment at a glance.

Something like:

Black / Red / Orange / Yellow for one team.

Dark Blue / Pale Blue / Purple / White for the other.

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So did Frise kill me by poisoning me with his tainted meat, or did Jax by bartering with it for shelter?

I need to know who to haunt.

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@Jax said:
where is patchie tho

also Frise got despacito-dragged ez

Now it all makes sense. That wasn't shrimp Jax brought into the shelter.

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"Humble Staff strangles Rattsknecht."

Somehow I always knew this day would come.

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It's like some carnie decided being a biker was too dangerous, and being a roadie was too much work so he settled on Bob Sapp cosplay on Hollywood Boulevard.

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This scene is one of my earliest memories. I remember watching this as a child in the 80's and being amazed by it.

Now years later as an adult it's STILL amazing for all the same reasons and more considering this was filmed decades before CG and is 100% practical effect work.

Yes it's a scene from an old musical, but give it a chance boys:

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Cruel but true.

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I have absolutely zero problem with gold tint customization being "unlocked" for kickstarter donators on release. Combining the Baron and higher kickstarter supporters (not including "Emperor") we have over 700 players at the very LEAST who will already have a gold plated longsword. Not to mention the others who will have gold gloves / helm / etc.

Keeping these facts in mind disabling gold tint for kickstarter supporters seems downright arbitrary and pointless.

It will also likely help general player retention to have the nonexclusive gold tints "shown off" on release as something they can earn through progression.

If, however, this is a suggestion to add an additional gold armor set / tint aside from the already existing customization options I say "Hell no."

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As we all know these concerns are secondary to the actual biggest question on everyone's mind: Will there be a Lobster emblem?

Dev posts will receive no more likes from me until it's confirmed.

Check and mate.

In all seriousness though it looks like things are moving along at a nice pace. I believe not holding back release for the aforementioned features is a smart move so long as the devs maintain productivity after release and make steady progress in implementing them.

I am concerned about Frontline having an adequate test period though. If there is indeed a brief 1 to 2 week "Beta" as was mentioned I'm not sure that will provide sufficient testing time.