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This isn't an issue. The strength the perks provide isn't enough to make a difference. In the alpha/beta it was fun in duels, but it doesn't make a bad player great. Sure, it might help allow good players to last longer, but it adds some depth and freedom to the game.

If you feel like this is an issue, you need to play more. Go in duelyard for a bit, get destroyed, and realise that have a few extra perks isn't that big of a deal.

Plebs: don't whining about balance if you can't event chamber
Or you have under 20 hours
You really don't know the game.

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Spawned in, however my weapons would not effect anything. Also could not parkour - it would happen, and then it would stutter back to the ground, as if I hadn't been holding space to parkour. Others could hurt and kill me, but could not see my flourishes or taunts. Could not suicide. Could not chat. Fixed by reconnecting.


Earlier that match, I had switched from the 2.4 ghz channel on my router to the 5 ghz band, and managed to talk in chat and fight someone. Upon respawn the above happened.

Tried to repeat by switching wifi a few different times in the middle of another game and suiciding and respawning a bunch, but was not able to replicate.