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  • 14 Sep '17

fuck boy Indiana Jones

middle aged link

soldier boy.png
character I use the most

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  • 13 Sep '17

While it is possible, it seems a lot less useful. It has a very tight angle for it to hit, making it not as good as in chivalry thankfully.

Seems like it's easier to hit a block "hitbox" than a player hitbox though.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Equip greatsword (for best reliability)
  • Angle yourself so that the opponent stands behind you on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Look up as far as you can
  • Do an overhead
  • Might miss, might hit. It's very tight, so keep experimenting. I'll post a video in a bit, I'm not on my computer

I've confirmed it with several people, but yeah. IGN is MORDHAU IS HERE WHAT if u seen me.


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  • 13 Sep '17

You can still do reverse overheads. Not sure if its considered a bug, but I hope to see it changed!

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  • 12 Sep '17

got hit by the hurricane, thought i wouldn't get to play mordhau on the first day (cuz power outage), and i would have no reason to live. turns out it came back on in only 6 hours, now i can live in peace knowing

i can touch 🅱ord🅱au on the first day