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Had the game kick me from the servers twice now, it said: Connection timed out: Waiting for steam inventory.

I haven't seen anything about this particular error yet. I am about to try and get into a match again, now that I verified integrity of game files. I'll post if that solved the issue or not.


Verifying integrity of files has worked so far. We will see if it continues to do so.

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  • 1 Jul '19

@blobl said:
I'd like to remind that this bug is not fixed and is REALLY annoying

Nope, not fixed and it is one of the reasons I stopped playing for 2 weeks up until today. Had a few hours of duels, and yet again, I'm done.

Man seriously, fuck these incompetent devs. They really don't seem like they give a flying shit at this point.

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  • 25 Jun '19

@de.tail said:
For me it's a bit of a mixed bag. Thrust, Slash, Feint, Parry just don't register randomly.

I noticed it seems to happen a lot for me after I parry, which is especially bad when you are in frontlines with 1 vs x enemies & you parry then go in for a swing attack, but nothing happens so you just end up getting hacked up by them while standing there looking like an utter tool with your ding-dong in your hand.

It also happens randomly too where I've pressed my right mouse button to parry (while not attacking) & nothing happens, which is really fun on duel servers.

Me & a friend tested the stab chamber thing (he wanted to cheese the chamber achievement), & all we were doing was back & forth stabs. We did that for about 10+ minutes until he got the achievement. We'd more often than not make it until our stamina was almost drained, but there was quite a bunch of times where after a couple or thrusts back & forth that one of us would get stabbed. I just thought we were messing up the timing before, but now I don't think that was the case as it's not difficult to spam scroll the mouse wheel up, or tap whatever button/key you've bound thrust attacks to (in my case both of my thumb buttons).

In regards to input queue thing, it's a little annoying. You input a specific attack/feint/parry & your character decides to do something else entirely, like if I do a thrust/slash attack & they decide to do the opposite, or parry/feint instead. It makes me rage & shout at my screen more than the input delay issue.

Oh yeah, the input queue thing has gotten very noticeable for me since the last patch. Happened rarely for me before, where I'd want to thrust. and end up swinging instead. Happens a LOT more frequently recently.

idk how a game that was pushed back so much, launches with these issues. Very irritating, to say the least.

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  • 24 Jun '19

@marox said:

@GODAIME said:

Sometimes in game my thrust attack, which is binded to E key, doesn't work (Yea, I said delay, but actually it doesnt work for more than 2-3 seconds and more. I'm using the "work around" and don't know how bad it can be).

Why is this a bug and not lag/pc problem:

  1. When this bug happens.. i hit ESC key to get into the menu.. and spam ESC again to get out of it and it won't work. It works only if I spam hit left mouse key in the menu, and then it closes and the bug is gone.
  2. My PC is i7 8700K, NVidia 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, SSD and I play on medium/high to get 100+ fps for my monitor to show. Can't be processor problem.
  3. I never join servers with more than 60 ping in the browser. I don't use main screen server options.
  4. There are also other threads about this same issue around the WEB.


  • happens mostly on duel servers, rarely in frontline. Maybe this is because I morph often, which means I hold/click E (thrust attack) more often and it mess up the key queue or something, but it feels like the key queue is full of shit.
  • swings works fine (morphs are impossible).
  • this might be related to the stamina checks and not the input queue
  • maybe this bug is rare, because me and this guy from the video have it binded to custom key?

Are you using angle after attack press? That would explain a few weird cases, e.g. where nothing is happening when you're not moving the view @ 22. Other than that, it seems largely you're hitting the input in recovery, which will just be ignored right now since attack is not allowed there. The game may have been conditioning you wrong in some cases because the game does queue in hit recovery a little bit, but not in miss recovery, which admittedly, is a bit weird and should probably be adjusted in the future.

EDIT: actually, not sure if the angle after attack press could explain that, but let me know if you do have that enabled anyway.

I disabled it myself. I get the bug with slashes too. Enough people are noticing this that it's worth investigating. It can't be recovery delay when you haven't done anything to trigger a recovery. Literally had people in hug distance wiff a thrust, then try to swing to punish and have to press 4 or 5 times for the swing to register.

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  • 17 Jun '19

@blobl said:
I am in the same boat, your video perfectly shows what happens but for me it is all my attack that will stop responding for several seconds. My character just turn around like a weirdo and I die in two hits.

Great game but this bug enrages me so much if it is not fixed in next patch I am not sure I will endure it anymore.

Edit: And strangely my movements are never bugged, I always have full control of my character but yea something is full of shit with the attack detection like you said

Same happens to me, but I also have it effect swings. It is so infuruating to die to this that I'm considering just stopping altogether.

It occurs mostly in hug distance, I've noticed.

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  • 11 Jun '19

Topic title is clear enough. Here are some screenshots. Was killing people using a ballista and swinging his zwei through the wall. Let's get this dumbass a perma ban, shall we?