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Me, and at least 2 other people have experienced a bug (or maybe a hack, although that is unlikely) where, essentially, it seems as if your opponent feints after release.

They will enter windup, make the grunt sound, then enter release, and THEN the attack will be feinted. The guy I was fighting in ranked also said the same thing was happening to him, and said it was some sort of intentional hack or exploit I was performing.

I don't believe this to be a ping related issue, as I had sub-50 ping on all of my accounts of this issue.

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i switched loadouts before my duel started
and i spawned with no weapons

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@Fyasko said:

@Jax said:
Patch #09 Changelog 30/08/2019

Fixed crouch hitbox “iframe” bug
All armory weapons strike and stab releases reduced 25ms - this will make attack releases slightly faster and more grounded/less floaty looking
Parry window reduced 25ms (this is mainly compensation for the new releases)
> Chamber window for strike and stab reduced 50ms

Woah can we seriously talk about this? Chambering was already extremely difficult from having to judge which over/side/under/stab ATOP the user dragging or accelerating it, speeding up all the weapons and making the chamber window 50ms shorter seems extremely harsh, it was already incredibly risky to chamber and most people i've encountered rely on parries because of it, yet it's been made harder?

Nope. Once you play the game for about 100 or so hours, you learn to chamber pretty effectively, and that ability granted you a pretty solid defence. Going for a chamber meant you could still have the safety of an FTP. The increased difficulty of chambers is well wrought.

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There would be no point, the devs have much more important things to work on. And beside, what would they gain by making this if the community made one works perfectly fine?

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image dump inbound


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bro just hire one more person to create content and "open steam workshop" its easy haha xD

all you have to do is go through a recruitment & hiring process involving contracts and take time out of your development to train a new guy how to utilize your game's codebase and systems so he can effectively contribute.

then once you do that, patches will INSTANTLY come out like come on retard just hit the add mods button on UE4 fuckin dummy lmao.

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You unironically believing that stabs are "superior to strikes" prove that you're a big dum dum doo doo head and don't know much about the game.

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Wow this is actually really well made. Nice work.

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this may comes as a shock to some: but botas is not an intelligent person.

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@Botas said:
The game is basically dead because no one finds interesting to watch and RNG slot machine combat based on guessing and faking attacks it is just damn stupid, unless you redesign your combat your game will die soon:

Sin título2.png

i want you to tell us exactly what you perceive to be "RNG"

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Sword of War/War Sword

5 point sword, basically the longsword but one handed/two handed instead of Mordhau grip. Maybe slightly shorter but it's supposed to be about the same reach and speed as Longsword.

It does about as much slash damage as the bastard sword but has about same stab damage as longsword. Switching to 1h gives your stab an extra bit of reach over 2handed mode (due to the1h animation) and opens up shield option... but 2handed mode gives you a bit more drag and better stam negation.

The idea is that longsword now has the 1h/2h option at the cost of damage just like longsword did in Chivalry. THIS IS NOT supposed to play anything like Chivalry's Sword of War cheese. A thinner, diamond shaped blade can be used to identify it from longsword and the option maybe for fancier grips similar to Knight's Engraves Sword skin.

seems a bit too redundant to justify inclusion

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@SWSeriousMike said:
And I'm sure your answer would have been brilliant. But unfortunately now the world will never witness it. What have I done?
I wasn't flaming by the way.

genuine question: who made you such a flaming cunt

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@SWSeriousMike said:
Shields can't be USEd as weapon. When a shield blocks an arrow to my back, have I USEd it? When I parry with a weapon, did I USE it? When I idle with a weapon in hand, did I USE it? When I throw a fire pot, have I USEd it once or do you count the time? When someone builds a ballista and another one USEs the ballista, how do you count how much/often the toolbox was USEd?

And all this for what? Just to confirm what everybody knows already? Captain Obvious ain't got no time for this shit.

why do you have to be this way

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this entire thread is depressing

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Well a new map is confirmed, Feitoria (a germanic city) and the mapper has also stated that hes looking into balance on maps like Taiga.

continuous updates are planned, and crush even said there's a chance we'll get on this week.

the two big milestones are gonna be the competitive matchmaking system and the modding SDK added down the line.

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Feints are lame.

just another exploit ppl use to get u locked into animations u cant do anything about.

0 skill and just glitching mechanics of a game basically.

Feints are for pussys plain and simple.

We bought the game to fight not fake swings at each other.

Cant wait for sdk so I can remove that weak bs from the game.

you cant make this shit up

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@suge1w said:
Unless you have zero gag reflex, you will fall for the occasional feint. I believe feinting is used in games like these to defeat God-like players.

you couldn't be farther off from the truth

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@suge1w said:
I've never feinted on Mordhau once, don't even have a keybind for it.