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  • 15 Oct '17

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Are you not capable of logical thinking? The hype of alpha release is gone for most people, and they have shit to do and games to play. That doesn't mean the game is dying.

And the combat isn't broken, you just completely fail to understand it, and complain about every fucking thing that kills you. Grow up please.

all i've done is ask a question

No you also said the game is broken (from your factual and totally objective point of view). Every time you post I see nothing but bitching and whining. From the videos you post it's pretty obvious that you are, no offense, pretty awful at the game. That is fine of course, but the reason you're never gonna get good is your whiny attitude. You're the type of guy who goes "that's just bullshit!" instead of "wow, i gotta figure out how to deal with that!" after every death and thus end up never improving.

It's like the Chiv players who cry about dragging and roh, instead of learning out to do it and/or counter it, or the ones who cry about archers but want to play as a shieldless Hero Vanguard.

The thing is that you shouldn't be forced to use shield just because there is couple decent archers. In chivalry there was no other counter to archers or throwables than shield.

Where as in mordhau you can parry them so there is counter no matter what weapon or armor you wear.

Archers in chivalry were complete aids and killjoys.

Mercenary 46 59
  • 14 Oct '17

Most changes seem really great but disappointed no nerf to kicks...

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  • 12 Oct '17

@Bang said:
This is going to be controversial... but they should remove the ability to chamber ripostes and slow everything way the fuck down. I'd rather have everything much slower, with more parry lockout and windup, than to be able to chamber a rapier riposte with a zweihander.

How can you complain about something that takes extremely high skill to do against a good player? Chambering rapier riposte takes insane reaction even with low ping.

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  • 3 Oct '17

Even the best players right now with over 200 hours in mordhau barely use any chambers except stab chambers. I do not think it is only because players are not good enough. There's just too big of a risk in chambering and taking that risk just to save some stamina is not worth it how the game plays on right now.
It is really rare to lose a fight because you ran of stamina.

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  • 22 Sep '17

100% agree and I really would like the second option to be added to the game.

It makes more logical sense too, that drag aimed at ut feet would be chambered with undercut instead of overhead.