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Game of thrones starts tonight holy shit.

What? Isn't it tomorrow?



9PM Pacific Time I believe, which means there are 10 and a half hours to go.

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But seriously, when is the release date for this trailer that will announce the release date of the announcing of the release date of the release date?

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Might aswell give a spreadsheet that flashes infront of you that explains to you exactly what and how you need to do to parry melee attacks. Put a flashing 100m red circle under horses aswell so you can adequately prepare against anyone that dares to get on a horse.

You guys are clearly misrepresenting what this guy said to make it sound dumb and to stroke your own egos. He never once mentioned HUD affecting melee.
Do I think what he said should be added? Probably not.
But if all you're going to do is shit on someone instead of discussing what they said you're just an asshole, especially considering that this guy hasn't even played the game.

I represented how dumb his argument sounded by applying the same principle to other areas of the game - I thought my sarcasm was pretty obvious. Besides, I haven't played the game either, yet I can tell that totally gimping the archers before the game even comes out wouldn't be a good idea.

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The whole problem with this debate is that while female knights did infact historically exist (Jeanne d'Arc, Cecília Rozgonyi both fought with a longsword in plate) they were incredibly rare. Their appearance isn't a problem, the problem is that half the battlefield being women makes no sense whatsoever.

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Sickle needs an alt mode where it seizes the means of production

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Any of these would be nice

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Might aswell give a spreadsheet that flashes infront of you that explains to you exactly what and how you need to do to parry melee attacks. Put a flashing 100m red circle under horses aswell so you can adequately prepare against anyone that dares to get on a horse.

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A good start would be perhaps writing a mordhau related story

So in order to get a beta key for a game you've never played before, you should write about a story that happened to you while you were playing the game you didn't have a beta key for?

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I don't know the banned person in question, I don't even have access to the game yet, but after I've read all this the whole story seems very worrying. From what I've gathered the guy who got banned was a massive asshole and totally deserved it. However, the developers made a massive number of mistakes that should be fixed if this game was ever to go live.

First, the "last straw" issue. There are two possibilities:Either people get banned for toxicity, or they don't. In the latter case, the person shouldn't have been banned. In the former case, he should've been banned ages ago. Everyone's saying the person in question has been toxic for months and months, so much so that the developers saw it fit to permanently ban him... but only after he offended the developers? If this is a type of thing you want to punish as harshly as possible, why hasn't he been banned ages ago? The handling of this feels like a certain type of red coloured dictatorship where you have to fear for your life(in this case your invested time, money and trust in the dev team whose game might not ever make it to live) because you could be deleted for any reason the party(developers) sees fit, even if they were just having a bad day.

Second, instant permanent ban? What? I don't think I've seen a single game where you could get an instantaneous permanent ban without any action taken against you before. The least someone could get(the fact that this person in particular was a massive dick is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things) is a mute or a week/weeks long ban before they get permanently removed. If you execute someone for committing a crime you've just completely removed the chance for that person to maybe redeem himself and become a useful part of society once more.

Third, why were there no game rules whatsoever up to this point? Or just simple (ingame)chat rules of "don't be an ass" written on a web page would've done it. And yes, I am aware the developers have the right to remove anyone from their game, paying customers even, but the NATO shouldn't invade any countries because they broke some unwritten rule, an action which they perceived as a threat, just "because they can."

This specific person might've deserved the permanent ban. But just because you think someone deserves a life sentence, it doesn't mean they shouldn't go through the same fair trial process all the other suspects go through before they get an appropriate punishment.

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@Jax said:
We're not going to be offering access to the closed testing, not now at least. You can expect the game to release in early 2019.

That feeling when the game's release date was posted as "early 2018" everywhere on the net a year ago

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A bard killed my wife, I'm in

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@Jax said:
Nope - sway is super pronounced on the initial draw, settles out, and then gets worse again.

This means there's a soft rate of fire - you can shoot fast but unless you're really good at counteracting the sway you're either going to have to miss or take your time. In addition to that there's a hard cap for drawing, nocking and loosing the arrow.

What about crossbows though? I assume the arrow can be held in one indefinitely.

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The only problem I have with horse archery is if it's impossible to deal with as melee player.

Welcome to the hun invasion legionary, enjoy your stay.

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You could balance horse archery by making you have to utilize a bow on horseback realistically, thus making it twenty times harder and less likely to pull off correctly. Apparently horse archers used to have to fire their bows at the exact moment all four of their horse's legs were in the air so the collision with the ground wouldn't throw off their aim. Make it so if your horse is currently touching the ground the reticle just flies all over the place.

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Every week that passes makes me wonder why the game isn't released to the public yet, then I see one of these and realize.

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@Pred said:
I'm not sure it would change much. Right now you have to be much better than the guy with the shield (it's been the case since day 1, but especially after the nerf to stab drags) to beat him and this is going to keep it more or less the same, ie. survive the Rapier/Mace/Axe/Bastard spam for eternity and hope you live long enough to disarm him.

Since shields are supposed to be a defensive crutch, making them break will only make this whole situation more counterintuitive, it's the offense that it too good because of the shield hiding animations and one-handers being so strong. I thought maybe they shouldn't be able to combo, because combos are side to side in Mordhau so shield would be in the way, but that nerf would change basically nothing with the hit-stop and hit-recovery being in the game (and combos not being that much of a problem when fighting against shields now).

Also every trick you can try for defeating a shield requires you to have a fuckton of experience and knowledge of higher level tactics which people won't develop by themselves without dedicating time to learning this shit on youtube or somewhere. I don't see new players having much success against it and it will end up like Chiv - level 30 Joe effortlessly destroying a bunch of other level 30 Joes because he's got a shield.

I dunno, shit's complicated.

I'm not actually in the alpha so don't take my suggestions as something valid but it'd make sense if two handed maces and axes would have a high chance of disarming the shield from the shieldbearer, like IRL, I'm pretty sure if you got hit with a two handed axe IRL on your shield you'd have a hard time keeping it up after your arm practically absorbed all of that force. That'd make shields still useful against everything that is a sword, spear, arrow, or one handed weapon, but it'd have a counter.

take it with a grain of salt i haven't played yet

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I'd have 500 if only I were allowed to play :(

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Righto, thanks for the info guys.