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@Shitscrubber64 said:
1. Shields still haven't found their place in the game.
From the theoretical perspective of a new player, held shields (Heater and Kite) have lower stamina values than you'd expect, behave completely differently from shields in literally any other videogame and their riot mode has been nerfed/changed so drastically that the current speed makes no logical sense. Why does it suddenly take so much effort to lift up the shield when you can parry with it instantly?

Honestly I don't know what to do with shields but I think they were closer to whatever role they're meant to fill on release day than they are now.

Completely agreed.

@Shitscrubber64 said:

But what is there to make up for all this? Even Billhook and blunt weapons have special negative effects applied on hits, why not arrows? There's even already a system in place for plucking arrows out of your body/armor. What if arrows and bolts apply a stackable debuff? Or prevent health regeneration?

This is an excellent suggestion of how to improve the archery part to a better direction. Why not make arrows that are sticking in you slow you down a bit, until you stop to pluck them off.

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@Kashi said:
What made plate armor die down was the advent of effective firearms

Firearms, cannons, pike-formations, and yes - heavy crossbows, that existed overlapping with early firearms for a long time. I said one of the reasons. Crossbows didn't disappear anywhere with the advent of firearms, but kept going long to the 19th century, despite losing popularity and in the end mainly used for hunting.

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Short answer to the question: because the community is largely unmoderated. Trolling and griefing go unsanctioned.

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@Vermillion_Hawk said:
In respect to the realism comment, Mordhau's clearly leaning towards a late medieval/early Renaissance battlefield. Shields and archery both were becoming less effective as widespread and well-crafted plate armour invalidated the former and made the latter less effective.

You do realize that this argument is moot for 1) historical reasons, because in the same vein, crossbows should be able to do more damage on plate-armored opponents - one of the main reasons those well-crafted plate armors went out of style. And 2) because it has already been stated that the game is not about historical realism.

@Vermillion_Hawk said:
On the personal side of things, I never found archery to be particularly fun in this game. It's intended to be a supporting role if anything, and the game is unashamedly focused on melee combat, which is far more interesting. If anything I think the game would be better off if the only ranged weapons available were throwables.

If only multiple competent styles of melee combat would be offered. Now the only strong one is the ballerina style - running around like a maniac with a 2-handed swinging weapon. Should spears and shields be buffed, we might actually see multiple options to melee fighting. Now we only really have 1.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Jousting is incomplete... It would be neat if the shield worked passively on the rider while couched... So Jousting would be less of a ping contest and more about aiming for the other rider's exposed arm/head and not hitting their shield... Current;y, the only depth involved in jousting is trying to get the lance down in time to kill and predicting infantry's constant gambles... infantry eventually gets lucky and they will one shot with even a cleaver.

Another thing: It's really gay that getting shot by an arrow will cancel a couched lance. And yeah, it's really gay that a spear thrust will beat out the lance many times... and if the spear user's ping is better he might win couched too.

So many quality of life issues with horses. If you told me horses would be the way they are I would have told you not to bother adding them. SO incredibly clunky.

Very true. And, in fact, it seems that even some of the longer swords may win couched lance in reach.

The very point of lances is that you should be able to charge anyone head on, without them being able to do anything about it (unless they are another charging knight with a lance couched). The proper response from a footman should be to evade the lance in order to counter. Then, and only then, they should be able to strike back at the rider/horse.

Even riding into a formation of spears/pikes, the knight with the lance would take the first one down, before getting skewered by the others. Now the case is that horsemen have to sneak up from behind in order to get kills. Any veteran player drops a charging horse(man) laughing, if he seems them coming.

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Yeah, I agree it's important to be able to kick people who need to be kicked (aka teamkillers, griefers, trolls)... but the point of this thread was really how kick tool is abused.

It seems commonplace that people who are playing with a bunch of friends just kick whoever they don't like, and there's nothing to be done about this.

Using kicking tool to troll people should give a lengthy ban. At the moment, nothing is being done about it. It adds to the toxic atmosphere so many people have been complaining about. Aside of all technical issues, this is probably the main issue about the game. The community seems completely unmoderated.

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@^--^ Maximus ^--^ said:
but most cheats are fairly obvious. like when someone is surrounded by enemies and constantly block every single coming from 5-6 different directions they're prob cheating.

And this is all too common to see.

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  • One big problem with lances seem to be that they should have highest reach in the game. Yet, spear (EDIT: Just about any long weapon) constantly wins it in reach. That is, spear-user gets his thrust through before the lance tip hits him. It's not about timing, as lance is couched. Lance should win in reach. Only if it misses, should the other weapon hit.

  • Another issue with horses is how easily you get killed from the horseback. A T3 knight gets sliced with an arming sword and dies instant? That's a joke.

  • Horses are too quiet. If you don't see them, they appear out of nowhere to backstab you. Make them louder, when they gallop towards you. There should be a sound that allows you to react to a closing horse.

  • Add some tourney lances to the game. Make them work like billhook, pulling off enemy rider from the saddle, but have them break while they do so. There could even be a tournament-centered map where you can focus on jousting.

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@LegolaS said:
So why create a class so that it is secondary just the story of making money?`

They promised that archery would be in the game, so they made it part of the game. Just a sucky part. Same with every other playstyle than ballerina dancing with 2-handers. That's how it goes.

I used to main shield, spear and bow in Chivalry. In this game, despite practice (I was an alpha backer), I barely make it to an average score with those. If I pick zwei or maul and run around knocking people at random, I often make it to the top of the list. And I really suck with that kind of weapons. It speaks volumes of the weapon balance.

@esturias said:
I beg to differ.
The huntsman perk is crap and needs removal/redesign, that's obvious. And it would be nice if the archery balance was a bit "deeper", e.g. with more complex hitboxes and balancing against armor. But apart from that, the Longbow at least is in a good spot. Just the other two ones can't compete.
Long story short- Archers should always be support characters, so no idea what your point really is.

All the way since Huntsman perk was added, I've been saying that an easy way to balance archery would be to offer another similar perk, called Bodkin. It would add damage on t3. Simple addition, but the intention is to keep archers nerfed and hunting other archers.

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Game developers wanted to make the game about 2-handed weapons, possibly because of their own preference, possibly because of the loud opposition from the loudest among alpha backers against every weapon that could rival 2-handers in the lists. That's why bows are nerfed to a secondary role (forced to hunt other archers) and shields made to be a joke.

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Spear length seems ridiculously short, but this is perhaps due to high movement speed of t3. People with weapons of supposed short reach, like maul, battle axe and arming sword are able to close the spear's distance, even while I Dodge backwards, very easily.

Suggestion: correct this by adding more spear length, or relatively making heavy armor move slower.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
I'm not a fan of spear/polearm stabs making horses rear. It feels clunky and ruins good fights...

I'd disagree on this. Horses rearing up from polearms sounds fun and thematic.

What does bother me with horses is that they are silent when they come at you from behind. They appear like ghosts from out of nowhere, if you don't visually spot them. They should probably make even more noise, so that you have an audio warning of an approaching rider.

Along the theme, there could also be a horseman-related perk, perhaps incresing couched lance's accuracy.

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Do something to stab-centric weapons, when battlefields are ruled by swing-centric 2-handers? What a brain fart. You can easily see that weapons that need nerf are the most popular ones - mauls, zwei and several other ballerina weapons that are all over the place.

To be fair, spear needs a buff, preferably more length.

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Current kicksystem is a joke, and abusted left and right.


I was just playing Horde mode. Others (2) of the team left and I was in round 5 or 6, when new people joned in. One of them kept insisting that I would die and reset the match. When I just kept playing, he started to make kickvotes until team (after 5 minutes or so) finally voted yes. I lost all exp and gold that was pending.


Provide a simple tool for players to report illegal kickvotes (adding snapshots as proof), and adminstrate penalties harsh enough to root out griefing from the use of the kick function (ban of week to several weeks).

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I fully second this. Shield nerf was among the reasons I stopped playing as well. Or, more accurately, nerfing everything but 2-hander builds to a secondary role.

Chivalry favored 2-handed weapons too, but you could still compete with bows and 1-handers, even top killcharts in some maps with them. You could use the shield strategically, to defend doorways and battering rams and teammates. You could fight effectively in narrow spaces with shields. Mordhau took it up a notch, making bows 100% support weapons that are forced to hunt(stman) other ranged weapons for kills and making shields completely obsolete and useless.

There are many aspects in the game that bother me, but it also had promise in many areas. Morphs and chambering were welcome additions to make close combat more interesting... but the game can't be all about them. I was hopeful that the developers would want to find balance between the various playstyles, and I continued to support the game for a long while. At this point, I'm no longer hopeful about its direction. The developers' choice to fully support 2-hander ballerina playstyles and nerf everything else seems absolutely deliberate, and unlikely to ever change.

Waiting for the next game that really aims for balance between different playstyles. Maybe it will be Chivalry 2. It was a mistake to bet on this one.

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It's a good suggestion. The devs should look into this, but I'm not holding my breath. It seems like it's intentional to nerf shield and bow slowly and steadily down, so that 90% of players end up using 2-handers.

I've also been asking literally from the beginning of the game, why you can't punch when you hold only a shield, or indeed do anything with it offensively. No changes in this front, not surprised.

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@xXLuxXx said:
Whats the problem?

You said it yourself. Shield is now a meme weapon or a noob training tool. Shield builds should be comparable and able to compete with 2-hander builds. And no point of starting to ramble about how "nobody wants to see/play shield". Many people do, aside of a small, loud group of people who want to keep it nerfed, in order to continue 2-hander-dominant playstyle uninterrupted.

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Shields are underpowered because of two things. 1) Majority of players want to see 2-handed weapons as superior. 2) The developer team goes with the popular opinion.

This is the same reason why archery is kept relatively weak against melee characters (perk to add damage against other archers, but no perk to add damage against heavy armor).

I wouldn't hold my breath with this situation changing, and kinda lost my interest in the game because of that. Too bad, because it had huge promise.

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There would be a lot to tweak about this to make it a working game mode. But the idea is good. Actually, this is where Mordhau could really become a memorable game - offering a large amount of imaginative scenarios based on ideas like this. It adds a bit of immersion and role-playing into the otherwise combat-oriented game, which surely caters to a certain lot of players (while some could not care less).

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@smellycathawk said:

Yeah the map design in Chiv allowed for fewer players to still feel like a massive battle.

Having 64 players adds nothing that 32 players doesn't have aside from poorer average performance, longer spawn times, and longer runs back to the objective.

I guess sometimes 64 players creates an interesting spectacle

My thoughts as well. In Chivalry, team objective maps were generally very well designed and advancing in objectives felt like an achievement. Maps felt action-packed despite half fewer players. In Mordhau as it is, environment feels mostly dull and unengaging and all focus is on fighting other players.