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I know what this memes

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good meme roshawn

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@Sammy said:

why am I not there shoving real science and a long sword down roshawns nostrils

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1/10 not enough katana

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my thoughts on the forum rules

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@ToLazy4Name said:

@Whisper said:
Ban me

yes this

just ban traps and kill all the birds with 1 stone

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oh my science i love you marox

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@Punzybobo said:

@Stouty said:
Where does everyone stand politically?

Get out.

is that maroxes dad... holy shit, i see where he gets his god like sexiness.

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um uuuuuhh hey fellas those uuhh forum rules sure are great right? nervous laughing eyes dart around for the all seeing crush just uh great rules and very important.


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@Steve Pigeon said:

@Smokingbobs said:
Welcome out of the shadows. To be honest, a dab emote would be hilarious.

EDIT: Yeah, I'm serious. Sue me tbh

Demote Smokingbobs and make Dankest Moderator instead?

um neither, where is the more memey options?
What has this forum cum to??

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make me be able to create horrifying abominations and scientific monstrositys.
also weed powers

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@elwebbaro said:

@crushed said:
You won't have to buy it twice

You could though. ;)


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@SirZombiethe3rd said:

@TheEmeraldArcher said:
Like Donation Post

Plz donate likes to the needy.

1 like = 1 kil weeb

**last time I did this I got 3 likes, shortly thereafter we saw a strange disappearance in Roshawn, Iodine and...... Lazy

Can you still kill them if they're a part of the indestructible Founder's Guild?

since the founders guild is made of mostly no name filthy casuals id say so