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Bruda dis is crazy talk.

It sound lyke u h8 swing manipulashion as game mechanik n principle.

If u restrict it nymore, y have it. It wil alwayz look Lyk the way u hate it ortherwize they'll revert dat shieet cuz it wil be usless

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Thx u crush 4 kuttin dis comik short.

Gud kill big C

Abu out

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Dis is haram.

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thank karaboga for dis gr8 idea, his greatenzz decend frum up0n u shovanem sir

@archer mun thank u forb subscrub to my acc0nt

W3 als0 n33d da Egypt we wuz kangz expanshion pak

thank u sirs

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all dis talk abut fazt cheetah mayk m3 wana hunt

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i summon witch docta to exorcise dis man's demans

he iz visyas

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@FluffyDragon said:
You cannot unsee it, it's sketched into your mind in memory now

in my country (somalia #1), we kill and wear dangerous animal with pride

we don't masturbate to animal whilst wearing fake animal.

altho we sometimes use goat

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dey dindu nuffin'

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hey i can see my whole family from here.

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ayo holla at me gurl.

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Top quality mordmeme.jpg

stay sm411 sanz

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i don't like dis guy tellin' me wut to do lyke de gobermint does.dont belief joez lys ab0ut islam iver.

as-salam alaykum t0 diz dyvirse grup.

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Thx for de advise murux da gr8 warya

Murux edge lord.png

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@LordColonelAxeman said:

@AbukukuJubuduaMutunguII said:
Kangdom waifu.png


Teenage edgelord get out.


u just jelas of my swaq cuz i makin dat muny 4 dat hot oc memetape

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@Ranten said:
What are you humans doing. I am much more scared of AbukukuJubuduaMutungull than of Joe. He's a nice (almost) guy and came up with nice ideas after suffering a game crysis.

i dindu nuffin'!!! joe is the real crook!

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