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Kang Abu veri sad to hear dis newz :(

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Bruda dis is crazy talk.

It sound lyke u h8 swing manipulashion as game mechanik n principle.

If u restrict it nymore, y have it. It wil alwayz look Lyk the way u hate it ortherwize they'll revert dat shieet cuz it wil be usless

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Thx u crush 4 kuttin dis comik short.

Gud kill big C

Abu out

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Dis is haram.

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@Echonian said:
The fact that the six posts directly following my own were literally the exact sort of responses I was referring to did a pretty good job of reinforcing my point, which I'm somewhat grateful for. Though I don't expect anything to be done regarding community moderation or community building in general until closer to release, if at all. Hopefully we can see actions taken that will ensure that this game is able to attract and maintain a large enough audience for 64 player servers to be viable.

Not that I have a problem with memes, I just find it a bit disappointing when people have nothing else to do but that.

hi im Mr seriouz bidness t00, humer is for idiets!!!

Dis comunitee does have peepol who need sticks taken out dere ass

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thank karaboga for dis gr8 idea, his greatenzz decend frum up0n u shovanem sir

@archer mun thank u forb subscrub to my acc0nt

W3 als0 n33d da Egypt we wuz kangz expanshion pak

thank u sirs

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all dis talk abut fazt cheetah mayk m3 wana hunt

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i summon witch docta to exorcise dis man's demans

he iz visyas

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@Frise said:
I'm not saying people shouldn't say dumb shit I'm saying devs have every reason to ban them for it. Also pointing out how shallow your statement was.

There's a difference between a group of people chanting "yay communism" vs "yay white power". One of these is a very possible life >threatening situation for certain people.

wypeepo r no dang3r 2 me

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Yah all raisis apart frum me

ezpecially dat vanguard guy who want me to gennacide de wite dogz for karaboga

signin out

Abukuku Jubudua Jarvimal Mutungu Bukakuku Aar Bahdoon Mashmash Absame Cabaas-Daacad-Geedi Maxamuud Gutaale Samakab Jaajuumow-Keynadiid Halwo Malibongwe Mutungu II,
The Prince of Somaldiz, Second of the dynasty of the Mutungu, Emperor Of The Emperors Of Somalden, Elect Of The Swedes, Ruler over Lions and shieet, The pawgblasta


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@FluffyDragon said:
You cannot unsee it, it's sketched into your mind in memory now

in my country (somalia #1), we kill and wear dangerous animal with pride

we don't masturbate to animal whilst wearing fake animal.

altho we sometimes use goat

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dey dindu nuffin'

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hey i can see my whole family from here.

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ayo holla at me gurl.

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Top quality mordmeme.jpg

stay sm411 sanz

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i don't like dis guy tellin' me wut to do lyke de gobermint does.dont belief joez lys ab0ut islam iver.

as-salam alaykum t0 diz dyvirse grup.