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@Black Platypus said:
Server Connection

I am genuinely not sure whether this is a bug or some weird thing with my ethernet but I figured I would list it just in case. Randomly during a match I will get disconnected from the server and sent back to the main menu with an error message that says "connection has timed out". My internet is perfectly stable so it isn't just cutting out momentarily. This may have to do with alt tabbing but I have not noticed any direct correlation.

I have also been having this same issue within the last week, random disconnects every few minutes with the same message. Other games I play online seem stable, I have fought a friend in Dragonball FIghterZ for a half an hour at a time with no noticeable hiccups . Another odd thing is some (but not all) of the servers disappear when I refresh the server browser right after this happens, but Junes LA server and several European ones always show up. I have no idea if this is a problem with specific servers, or the netcode, or something with my setup, but it's been doing it consistently for the past several days.

Just to note, I am from the Midwestern US and play mostly on North American servers.

Update: after some experimentation I've found that switching from fullscreen to borderless window gets rid of the random disconnection problem. When I switched back to fullscreen, I was disconnected again within minutes, and when I tried borderless for a long stretch of time again, I was not randomly disconnected even once. It seems the issue is tied to fullscreen. I'm not sure why this is the case, but switching to borderless window seems to be the solution.