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August update

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  • 28 Aug '17

@Sammy said:

@Ulkenstride said:
Lazy is a funny Man, made me laugh.

this wasnt very funny

It's kind of funny

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  • 29 Aug '17

Man... some of you are waaayyyyy too whiney.

At least try to be understanding, most of you have no idea of what processes they are having to take to get everything running well enough for alpha. They are probably trying to make sure the servers are going to work.

anyways, keep up the good work Devs, everything I've seen so far looks amazing.

Baroness 6089 7050
  • 29 Aug '17

Haha keep up the good work


Knight 199 307
  • 29 Aug '17

All crush has been doing is playing pirated games and PUBG.

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  • 29 Aug '17

all good man take your time, rather a finished product than rushed trash (I'm sure it won't be)

Knight 4 7
  • 29 Aug '17

Disappointed but completely understandable. Everybody needs to understand that two weeks is a short delay in terms of game development. I'm definitely seeing both perspectives here and giving the developers breathing space instead of insulting them is probably for the better. We all knew even before the kick-starter that a delay was likely. We've seen a proof of concept and the developers constantly engage with the community. This isn't vaporware. There is reason to wait.

Knight 830 1764
Mercenary 116 446
  • 29 Aug '17

soon tbh

Duke 2266 4010
  • 29 Aug '17

not soon enuff tbh

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  • 1
  • 29 Aug '17
 Jax — Community Manager


Duke 5562 13285
  • 29 Aug '17
 Jax — Community Manager

@Vesanus said:

@Jax said:
@Vesanus good job on those maps, they look wonderful! Do those hanging ropes on ruins have physics at all?

Sorry, but the credit (for the mentioned maps) goes to Elwebbaro, Geach3d and Maxilator. I mostly work on the MainGamemode™ levels, but you can expect some smaller maps from me very soon.

The ropes you've seen on the screenshots don't have physics though - It's just a static mesh with a moving material.

Thanks for the response! Hope to see your maps Soon™ :)

156 238
  • 29 Aug '17

fuck you marox

Duke 311 589
  • 29 Aug '17

@elToroGuapo said:
** you marox


Duke 2266 4010
  • 29 Aug '17

Someone should genocide him tbh

Knight 4 3
  • 29 Aug '17

Damn, I was so hoping to be able to get my hands on this. Still, 2 weeks isn't much compared to how long we've already waited.

Baron 1647 5234
  • 29 Aug '17


@Lincs said:
Things to do until Sept 14:

Play Chivalry and experience profound self loathing.

Wait for them to fix the slow Internet connection in my general area of the uni so I can play Chivalry and experience profound self loathing.

Attend classes. (gay)

Do some blow.


Chiv servers have been reaaaaaalllyyy bad this week in NA because of flooding and stuff. Every server I've been on has crazy packet loss. Might not be your internet.

I appreciate the info. I was dreading the thought of playing mordy with bad ping even more than with a laptop and wireless mouse

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Conscript 10 11
  • 29 Aug '17

I kinda figgured this would happen. Honestly getting an application built, all of the thousands of moving parts in time with each other is a bastard to deal with. Now shove all that shit into a server and make sure the server is running the application smoothly, quickly, and secure. Its alot of effort and nothing ever goes like it supposed to because the gods of computer science are hateful. Screw the public outcry make the servers work, stress test and pen test the shit out of them and send it when its ready. If its good the naysayers will come back. Keep calm and sys. Admin on.

Knight 45 59
  • 29 Aug '17

so many memes.
oh dear

Count 3976 8339
  • 29 Aug '17

@marox said:
we unfortunately have to announce a short delay in getting the alpha out

I don't see anything good coming out of this thread