The Mordhau Masterthread (Update 17)

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This thread contains statistics of the gameplay of Mordhau.
Most of them will be listed as TBA right now.
This means that they are unknown to either myself or even the developers.
Any details or statistics that are listed are subject to change.

Each mechanic will not have an in-depth use explained for it, as it is up to you to figure out how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.



Player Status




Appendix of Questions


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slow-fast (how slow, how fast?)
Players quickly accelerate to their max speed.
Lightly armored players accelerate faster than more heavily armored players.
A player's movement speed is determined by the overall weight of their armor. Heavier armor slowing them down more than lighter armor.
It is unknown at this time if the change in movement speed will be relative to the size of the armor. (Heavy helmets slowing you down less than heavy chest pieces because helmets are smaller for example)
Weapons do not impact movement speed.


Sprinting increases your speed by TBA. (Based off your max speed, or static speed increase across the board?)
Maximum sprinting speed is achieved after 6 seconds of acceleration for any armor weight tier.


When a sprinting player is following (chasing) a sprinting enemy player, he (the one chasing the runner) gets a speed boost of TBA. (percentage of total speed or static speedboost?)

This speed boost is triggered after 2 seconds of looking at the enemy's back.


Players climb ladders at TBA. (Affected by armor weight?)
One handed weapons can be used while on a ladder.
(Does this include throwing items?)
(What about alt modes on 1 handed weapons?)


Players jump exactly TBA high over a period of TBA
Players can attack normally while jumping, however they do not have the ability to kick.
There is a cooldown of TBA after each jump before you can jump again, this prevents jump spam.
Aside from the jump cooldown, jumping also consumes TBA stamina.


Gravity in Mordhau is 9.8m/s² (not the more accurate measurement of 9.807m/s²?).

Fall damage is incurred when impacting the ground at above X speed.


Crouching reduces movement speed by TBA.
Crouching reduces player height by TBA.
Crouching takes TBA to fully crouch and TBA to fully uncrouch.


Matrixing is the act of manipulating the position of your body to dodge weapon attacks. This can be done by looking up or down, this can also be combined with crouching.

player status

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Players are 78.74in or 6'6.74" tall. (200cm)
The camera is at TBA.


When a player reaches 0 health, they are killed. (Unless they have the flesh wound perk)
A visual/aural effect can be noticed while at low health.
Health will regenerate at a rate of TBA after TBA seconds of not taking damage, sprinting, or peforming other actions.


When a player reaches 0 stamina, they can no longer perform actions that require stamina.
An exception is parrying. Parrying while at 0 stamina will result in a successful parry, however your weapon will be knocked out of your hands.
Alternatively, if you are hit while at 0% stamina, you will gain TBA stamina back.
Getting kills may restore stamina (do they?) (how much?).
Stamina will regenerate at a rate of TBA as long as you are not sprinting or performing other actions.
Multiple actions that consume stamina do not actually require stamina to be performed. (attacks for example)


Combat Effects
Alternate Grips
Thrown Weapons
Siege Weapons and Cavalry
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Early Release
Committing an Attack
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Attacks go through 3 main phases and 3 minor phases.


This is when you are pulling your weapon back.
Early Windup
A window of time within the former part of the Windup phase where feints and morphs can be performed.
Early Windup is described as, but is not, its own phase.

early release

During the early release phase, your attack cannot strike enemies yet can be parried/chambered.
It is a dynamically timed phase based on your vertical orientation designed to remove the ability to hit people behind you by looking up.
Clashes can occur here.


This is when you are swinging/thrusting your weapon forwards and can do damage to an enemy.
Late Release
A window of time within the latter part of the Release phase where clashes can occur.
Late Release is described as, but is not, its own phase.


This is when you are recovering back into an idle position after an attack. If your attack has not struck an enemy by the time it reaches this phase, it will consume stamina. How much depends on the weapon and individual attack.
Hit Recovery
After hitting an enemy, your recovery phase will be shorter. By how much depends on the weapon.
Comboing clears the hit recovery and you must strike another enemy to gain it again.
Hit-Stop Recovery
After hitting an enemy with a blunt weapon, or teamhitting an ally, your weapon will be stopped and your recovery phase will be slightly shorter.
Stun recovery
If you hit the map itself with a melee attack, it will punish you with a longer recovery phase that is the same length for every weapon.
Stun recovery overrides hit recovery.
Hitting the map is currently the only way to get a stun recovery.

commiting an attack

Allowing an attack to proceed past the windup phase.


Attacks can be angled anywhere within 240 degrees, 120 degrees left, 120 degrees right, and do the same damage from any angle.
Attacks do not consume stamina if they strike an enemy.
Attacks can be performed without any stamina.


Commonly referred to as an LMB in first person slasher games. This is a basic side to side attack that a majority of weapons utilize as their main form of attack. (axes, maces, hammers, swords)
Generally covering a decent area in front of the user, swings require less accuracy and have the capability of easily hitting multiple targets.


This is a forwards attack that some weapons utilize as their main form of attack. (Spears, some would say other polearms as well.)
While not covering an arc like a swing, thrusts usually have more reach. Spear thrusts have the longest reach of any melee attack for example.


A combo is an attack performed during the release phase of another attack. This results in a second attack that is faster than waiting for the recovery of the first attack to end.
You can only combo from a different direction than the previous attack, but comboing the same type of attack is not restricted (thrusts to thrusts for example).
There is no limit to how many attack combos you can perform, and they can be done without stamina.
However, missing repeatedly in a single combo chain will consume much more stamina for each sequentially missed attack.


A morph is when you perform an attack during early windup of another attack, to change a stab into a swing for example.
You can only perform 1 morph before needing to commit or feint an attack to do another.
Morphs cannot be done on combo swings.
You cannot morph into the same type of attack. (cannot morph a thrust into thrust from a different direction)


A kick will do TBA damage to an enemy, and will knock them back slightly.
A kick can be countered by physically moving out of the way of it, parrying it, kicking at the same time, or striking the enemy with your weapon before their kick hits you.
Kicks can be aimed, and you are unable to move or jump during them. (how long do kicks take?)
Comboing out of kicks is different from normal combos.
You can morph into kicks.


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Parrying during the release phase of an attack that has already hit an enemy results in the attack being cancelled instantly into a parry.
This does not consume stamina.
If you strike an enemy and then strike the map, you can still parry out of it.


A chamber is an attack performed in such a way that its angle matches an incoming attack's angle, and causes the incoming attack to strike the user extremely early during its windup.
This results in the incoming attack being parried and the chamber attack proceeding quickly through the rest of windup and into the release phase.
Thrusts do not require you to match their angle for a chamber.
You can chamber multiple attacks at once.

early chamber

A chamber performed with such precise timing that the enemy attack is chambered at the very end of the chamber window. It is very fast and hard to counter.


When 2 attacks collide with each other in the early or late release phase, it results in a clash.
A clash stops both attacks without taking stamina or damage. This provides a platform to quickly combo an attack off of.
You can clash multiple attacks at once.
Disarming an opponent counts as a clash.


Ranged projectiles and thrown weapons can be "deflected" by parrying them. Hitting them out of the air with a well timed weapon attack is also possible.
Parrying a projectile counts as a successful parry, thus you can riposte off of it.
A rare possibility, is that of deflecting an enemy projectile or thrown weapon with one of your own projectiles or thrown weapons.
Siege projectiles cannot be deflected.


A feint is the act of cancelling an attack during early windup.
This consumes an amount of stamina that differs for each weapon and can be used to trick an enemy into parrying, which will leave them open for you to attack.
Feints can be done on attack morphs.
Feints during the early windup of a successful chamber do not consume stamina.


Actively deflecting an enemy attack with your weapon.
Stamina is consumed if a weapon is successfully parried, parrying heavier weapons consumes more stamina.
Parrying an enemy attack will only work if you look at the weapon itself.
You can parry multiple attacks at once.
A successful parry will extend itself by 100ms.
Parrying during a riposte, chamber, or chamber morph, does not consume stamina.


A fast attack performed quickly after a parry.
You cannot be flinched during a riposte.
During a riposte you take 66% less incoming damage and no knockback.
A riposte can parry during its early windup.


Shields block all attacks that hit their model while actively held up.
Blocking attacks comsumes stamina. Blocking an attack without stamina causes you to drop the shield.
Shields will passively block projectiles while held at your side and even while on your back.

combat effects

Team Hit
Team Kill
Turn Cap
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Getting hit by most thrown weapons or any melee attack will always stop any action you are taking. (unless you are riposting)
Flinches last for TBA.

team hit

The act of attacking an ally.
A team hit will stop your attack and deal half damage to the target.
Team hits that deal enough damage to kill the target will instead be a team kill.

team kill

The act of killing an ally.
A team kill will not stop your attack, but will incur some other penalty that is unknown at this time. (score loss, respawn time increase, etc) (what are the penalties?)

turn cap

The turn cap is a limit placed onto weapon attacks to limit how far or fast a player can manipulate their position through aiming in any direction during the attack.
Weapons can have different vertical and horizontal turncaps.

alternate grips

Most weapons have an alternate grip to provide a different use to the weapon during combat.
Some weapons are flipped around to utilize a separate striking head during attacks.
Other weapons are gripped closer to the head to increase speed and usability in close range.
Certain one handed weapons have an alternate grip that allows them to be thrown.

thrown weapons

Defending against these attacks is covered in the deflection section of the defensive combat topic.
This section covers thrown weapons, and utility throwing items. (Such as smoke pots or throwing axes.)
Certain weapons and items are able to be thrown in Mordhau. Examples include throwing axes and short spears.
Once thrown, most of these can be picked back up again.
Some, such as the firepot or smokepot, break upon impact and thus cannot be reused.
Throwing weapons are usually used to finish off a fleeing enemy, or to sneak in extra damage before distance is closed in a melee.


Defending against these attacks is covered in the deflection section of the defensive combat topic.
This section covers the use of bows and crossbows in Mordhau.
Using a bow or crossbow usually means you are a short distance behind your allies, and aim to provide supporting damage output. Well aimed shots that score a headshot can, however, do very large amounts of damage.

siege weapons and cavalry

Siege weapons and Cavalry are Mordhau's equivalent of vehicles for players to use.
They generally provide more power or speed for a player to utilize against their enemies or objectives.

Certain game modes will have assorted siege weapons placed around the map for players to use. Some will be stationary, others will be able to be pushed around.
Siege weapons almost always instantly kill players, however, objectives such as a gate or castle wall are generally the target of siege weapons such as a trebuchet, catapult, or battering ram.
The catapult is frequently used to kill players, however other siege weapons such as the ballista are designed entirely around killing players.
Siege weapons can be destroyed by dealing enough melee damage to them. (how much for each siege weapon?)
After being destroyed, siege weapons will respawn after TBA.

Certain game modes will also have horses placed around the map for players to mount as cavalry.
Lances are usually found near these horses for players to pick up.
The lance cannot be used while unmounted and also cannot be holstered. This means that you cannot use it without a horse.
The entire melee combat system is available while on horseback, the lance however cannot swing.
To use the lance you enter a "couched" mode which requires you to be going fast enough (how fast?).
In this mode, any enemy hit with the tip of the lance while moving fast enough instantly kills them.
Currently, a short cooldown is applied to this to prevent rapid fire lance kills from charging into a group of enemies.
Running people over with the horse itself is also a possibility (how much damage? Different based on horse speed?).
Horses are killed when enough damage is dealt to them. (how much?)
After being killed, horses will respawn after TBA.

You cannot spawn with a horse.
Armored horses will be slower than unarmored horses (how much slower?) but more resistant to damage (how much more resistant?).
(does armor affect acceleration?)
(what is the normal acceleration?)


Armor Tiers
Armor Customization
Body Customization
Weapon Customization
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armor tiers

There are 4 Tiers of armor:


armor customization

You can equip armor from all tiers in the head, torso, and leg slots.
There are also intermediate slots for cosmetic selections.
After choosing from the presented items of armor, you can then apply finishes to them. Metal parts of armor can have different finishes, fabrics can be colored, patterns can be applied, etc.

body customization

Head and facial customization comes down to: hair styles and colors, facial hair styles and colors, eye color, teeth, and full facial sculpting (like in FO4).
You can also alter your body build and gender, neither of which affect your height or hitboxes.

weapon customization

Weapon customization comes down to combining sets of premade parts, and then applying finishing customizations to those pieces.
An example of weapon customization: While creating a greatsword, you can choose to swap over from the standard english greatsword pieces over to scottish claymore pieces.
After choosing from the set of presented pieces, you then apply finishes to each piece. Metal blades get different finishes, leather handle wraps get different finishes, wooden shafts can be stained, etc.


Player loadouts are currently built on a points system. You are given 16 points and you can spend these points as you see fit for your loadout.
You are, however, restricted to 3 weapon slots.


Player perks are selected much like other equipment in a loadout. Each has a unique effect and point cost.

They are listed here organized alphabetically by point cost.

1 Acrobat (Jump Stamina cost reduced by 50%)
1 Cat (Reduces fall damage by 50%)
1 Fireproof (Reduces fire damage by 80%)
1 Friendly (50% Damage reduction to dealt and received team damage)
1 Ranger (Allows you to move 15% quicker while aiming a bow or crossbow)
1 Scavenger (Killing enemies causes them to drop everything they are carrying, including holstered equipment)
1 Smith (Repair effectiveness increased 50%)
1 Wrecker (Melee damage against structures increased 50%)
2 Bloodlust (Health on Kill increased 50%)
2 Brawler (Increases Fist damage)
2 Fury (Stamina on kill increased 66%)
2 Huntsman (Projectiles deal 200% damage against enemies wearing a quiver)
2 Rat (Crouch movement speed increased 10%, Footstep volume reduced 75%)
2 Second Wind (Stamina gain on hit increased 30%)
2 Tenacious (Passive Health regeneration is 40% faster)
3 Flesh Wound (Fatal melee and projectile damage, except for headshots, does not kill you immediately, but 5 seconds later. Limb integrity during this time is not guaranteed.)
3 Rush (Instantly get a movement sprint boost upon killing an enemy)
8 Peasant (Restricts equipment & wearables to things a peasant would use & allows you to spawn with makeshift weapons)
10 Dodge (Jumping backward or to the sides will perform a dodge instead of a jump)

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appendix of questions

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(What is the slowest base player movement speed?)
(What is the fastest base player movement speed?)
(Do smaller pieces of armor affect speed less?)

(Does sprinting increase your speed based off of your maximum speed or is it a static speed icrease that is the same for everyone?)

(Does the chase mechanic add a % of your base speed as a bonus, or is it a static speed boost that is the same for everyone?)

(Does armor weight affect the speed at which players climb ladders?)
(Can throwing items be used while on a ladder?)
(Can alternate grips for 1 handed weapons be used while on a ladder?)

(How long does it take for health to start regenerating?)

(If getting kills restores stamina, how much does it restore?)
(How long does it take for stamina to start regenerating?)

(How long does a kick take to perform?)

(What is the penalty for teamkilling?)

(How much damage to destroy siege weapons?)

(How fast does cavalry need to be going to use the lance's couched mode?)
(How long does it take for a lance to be able to kill another player after killing a first?)
(How much damage does trampling an enemy with cavalry do?)
(Does going faster do more trampling damage?)
(How much slower are armored horses compared to unarmored horses?)
(How much more damage resistance do armored horses have compared to unarmored horses?)
(What is the max speed for horses?)
(Does armor affact how fast horses accelerate?)
(What is the base acceleration for the unarmored horse?)

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