Killer Rabbit War Mod (joke mod idea)

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  • 20 Mar '17

(Excuse the absurdities)
Those alchemists have done it again, throwing random objects and animals into cauldrons and calling it "science". One fool decided to chuck his pet rabbit Caerbannog into a cauldron filled to the brim with only god knows what left the cauldron unattended for the night. Little did the fool know that Caerbannog escaped and bred with every other rabbit on the land, including male ones, until he died from exhaustion.
A whole month has passed since the ra.. breeding rampage ended and every rabbit on the land, including male ones, released a bunch of upright muscular mutated killer rabbits. No one knows what the fuck happened after that but men and women were slaughtered in their very own villages and so the war against Killer Rabbits began.
(Beware of snails and slugs too)
(Would definitely play this if someone made a mod with the mod utilities stretch lol)

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  • 21 Mar '17
 Jax — Community Manager

dude monks were bored af with no pussy tbh
drawing giant snails n shit

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  • 21 Mar '17
 Sir Zombie

Would it be better or worse if they took drugs while drawing that?