Let's talk banners.

Baron 1644 5231
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  • 20 Mar '17

Just a fun little idea.

In any gamemode that involves teams and territory control (I'm assuming the main gamemode will), have team-colored banners and spears with team-colored pennons spawn in the ground in any territory that comes under that team's control. Some might be stuck in the ground at odd angles, like the force that captured the territory stuck them there quickly before moving on. These objects will serve as regular props to give the map some clutter, but just like the improvised weapons and sword racks on other maps, can be picked up and/or utilized to fight.

These will be good for immersion and fun to carry in a big team fight. While the spears would likely function like regular spears, the banners could be lifted high above the fighting, displaying to everyone nearby on the battlefield that a group of your team's fighters are moving through the area. They could serve as a rallying point, or a giant target.

Banner Example: banner.jpg

Spear Example: pennon.gif

Maybe knights could use banners like pikes? knight with banner.jpg

Baroness 6089 7050
  • 20 Mar '17

As long as it isn't the Warmod Banner it's fine.

Knight 15 7
  • 20 Mar '17

A banner based "Domination" over a large scale map would be interesting, for me at least.

Conscript 4564 6302
  • 21 Mar '17

Ohh no they've taken our banner BRING IT BACK

Knight 3194 4397
  • 21 Mar '17

what happens if the banner is torn

torn banner


1627 2898
  • 21 Mar '17

Torn Banana all the way


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