Weapons Suggestions Megathread

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  • 10 Apr
 Grator — Art

considering theres no trigger, I'd say non effective

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  • 10 Apr

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
How effective would that have been for both shooting and swording?

Destroying enemy morale.

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  • 11 Apr

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
How effective would that have been for both shooting and swording?

You can stab your enemy and then shoot him in the foot at the same time.

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When will we see this in Mordhau?

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  • 24 Apr

Mordhau has a relatively large array of weapons fulfilling a lot of roles. New suggested weapons need something that separates them and makes them unique gameplay-wise; it could be fulfilling a new role and/or just playing so entirely differently that other weapons aren't comparable. The new non-flinching rapier strikes, if implemented, are a good example of this direction of new radically different weapons. I can't wait to test out whether it will be able to clash forces like no other weapon, an exciting and unique direction for the weapon if possible.

My opinions and takes on potential new weapons, many if not all of which have been mentioned/discussed before.

Flail: Has very strong Y-axis attack manipulation: can jump stab angle through grounded manipulation alone, unique strike-to-strike-to-strike morphing, its strikes cannot be chambered, and has a unique shield bash stab: hitbox dependent on shield, can be parried or kick clashed but also does not chamber or get chambered (except by other shield bash). However, the flail cannot chamber either - this forces both parties to play much more "Chivalry-esque" in defense. Cannot block without shield - flail users who still want to used time parries have a cheap option via buckler/targe. Rather than morph between a stab and strike, the flail morphs between upper, middle, and lower angles - the morph involves winding up another revolution. As aforementioned, this weapon can uniquely morph twice (of course, additional stamins cost incurred). Unique horseback couching, lacks the range of something like a lance but possesses incredible kinetic one-shotting power nonetheless. Clashes allow the flail to continue striking but the other weapon is brought to a halt and drained some stamina (can lead to disarms if too low), though they can parry any time after the clash. Two flails clashing come to a halt. A weapon that feels incredibly unique and unconventional to wield (just as flails and nunchakus are in reality) and has a rulebreaking offense that challenges parrying precision (good leg + head bopping mixups and the double morph + feints must all be punished without chambers). However, the flail wielder himself is susceptible to the weaknesses of being unable to chamber + being forced to use a shield (no chamber-bot option for tricky things like stabs, permanent backpedal penalty from holding shield, obscured vision, etc.).

And it will never be implemented in the way I described because this sounds like a nightmare to animate, code, and balance, all for a weapon that will inevitably be hated for many potential reasons: too easy/hard to parry (less potent drags vs uniquely powerful Y-axis mixups), too easy/hard to read feints, too easy/difficult to play with/against with lack of chamber play, yadda yadda.

Or... you can look up Jax's 2-year old, much simpler flail suggestion. Make it uniquely better at attack manipulation. Boom, same simple base mechanics, can waterfall and stuff the best. Much more likely to make it in. Flails will be one weapon where waterfalls landing will make complete visual sense.

Blargh, abort the tl;dr I wrote about it tbh.

At any rate, let's boil it down to the selling points.

So, what does the flail offer that weapons already in the game don't?

  • One of the most iconic symbols of medieval warfare in fiction and media after the sword, heater, and kite shields. Personally, I'd probably use the hell out of a parry-functioning buckler/targe + flail.
  • Would have a very unique look and feel to it, possibly unique controls and rules if the morphing and chambering rules and such are all messed around with. Either way, this won't feel like yet another 2hander or 1hand-stab-spammer.
  • Very powerful but also visually sensible attack manipulation/waterfalling ability.
  • Tying into the previous point, would uniquely be a pretty good anti-shield weapon because of the extra challenges it poses to blocking + the ability to land hits above without having to expend stamina for jump stabs.

Mancatcher: Another "weapon" with the pull mechanic but only on the stab. It has equal range as the Billhook, but the rest of its stats concerning manipulation, stamina, and damage are underwhelming and frankly pathetic like a peasant weapon, cementing it further as a utility tool rather than a genuine weapon just like the Mallet. However, the stab deals heavy damage to unarmored heads. 2 points, less than half of what release Billhook will be (I believe it's going to be 5 or 6 points). The horse dismounting tool for those who don't want to fully commit with a semi-costly Billhook. Also an otherwise crap-tier weapon you might find in Battle Royale which comes in clutch when that one guy finds a horsie, but it does require you to reserve one inventory slot for it.

Polehammer/Lucerne Hammer: I think this weapon would be too overwhelming in Mordhau if brought in as it is Chivalry. It'd basically be an Eveningstar but with Vanguard polearm range. Nerf its range, and it just shares an overlap with the Eveningstar. Nerf its damage, and its not really a hammer anymore + will share an overlap with the Poleaxe, Halberd, and Zwei as a long-range Plate 3HTKiller. I think this is best included as a poleaxe head skin; I mean, aren't they both just polearms (pole + hammer/axe) with a blunt side and a sharp side? I suppose you could make it really expensive (10 or 11 points) and retain the length and 2HTK while making it really slow, but that doesn't exactly sound like a fun weapon to fight against in Mordhau due to the new options added in. In vanilla Chivalry, the Polehammer's good range and 2HTK did indeed make it a good teamfight weapon overall, but Zweihander had way better overall control + one-shotting MAA, Brandi + Spear + Halberd were way longer, and Greatsword was way faster so it had competition in these regards. Chiv Polehammer was a bit clunky and funny/delayed with the tracers at times and the long windups made its feints a whole lot less potent than many other weapons', so these very Torn Banner-esque quirks served to balance the otherwise formidable stats of the weapon. Mordhau doesn't exactly have things unintentionally balanced in the same manner, and something like a morph drag/feint is going to be a powerful tool on even the slowest, clumsiest weapon during a teamfight.

Handgonne: A ranged weapon with a very telegraphed firi--- NO GUNS. The devs have made multiple clear statements about this.

Sling: I feel like this has a role overlap with Recurve Bow. In Chivalry, it needed a throwing animation upon letting go of mouse1 before the archer would sling the pebble out so that it wouldn't look weird and jittery unlike with a bow where shots can be instant without looking odd. Not 100% sure what the Sling could bring to the table that isn't already covered. Mobile, rapid firing, but weak? Recurve + Ranger perk. Well, peasants could use sling with infinite ammo lol. Also apparently people used shields with these, lol shield + sling in BR.

I think it would be neat if there were also some overstatted/overpowered weapons only available via pickup and Battle Royale drop from Hans/loot horse/catapulted loot chest. Sledgehammer and LOLRustyLongswordMordhauGrip used to feel like this until these weapons and maul were introduced.

Arbalest: The AWM of Mordhau. Has Chivalry Heavy Crossbow-esque damage. Yes, even against Plate. Yes, even against the head. But it only comes with two arrows. Make them count. Oh, and cranking that reload is loud and slow.

Repeating Crossbow: LOL. But Made in China so it doesn't fit in. Unless... this device has lored its way into Mordhau as an exotic imported weapon from afar, that or it was invented by Not-Leonardo-da-Vinci, an important fictional genius engineer in Mordlore.

Holy Hand Grenade: A literal fucking grenade. Plays "Hallelujah" soundclip before explosion.

Non-lethal tools and "weapons":

Barrel: Please. One you can hide in, then walk around in. Comes included with a Feign Death perk. Maybe a Codec and a Cloak of Invisibility too.

Caltrops: So, so commonly requested. Forcewalk on troops (like Rainbow Six Siege barbed wire), forcewalk + damage onto cavalry. Cheap, counterplay to horses, doesn't stun or damage infantry players so it isn't outright annoying.

Haystack: A large hay bale carried on your back. Drawing the hay bale is quite cumbersome and halts sprinting. Left click to open up and set the hay bale onto the ground, creating a rough, formless haystack. The haystack can be walked into and out of freely, just like a bush, but visibly rustles and makes noise. Items may be placed freely within the haystack because it lacks physics collision. Does not show player names through the haystack. Players who have Rat perk equipped will be able to move through silently and not rustle the haystack. Landing on the haystack reduces fall damage + removes ragdoll landing and, for those with Cat perk equipped, removes fall damage and landing noise outright. Haystacks can be incinerated by Fire Bombs and rapidly swept away by weapon swings. Hitting a haystack follows same tangibility rules as killing blows on players: can parry any time after hitting, does not drain stamina, and does not trigger hitstop on blunt attacks but instead phases through. Some Peasant weapons can get rid of a haystack faster than "serious" weapons (less "HTK"). Max one haystack on world per player. As such, setting a second haystack will despawn the first one. A setup haystack cannot be "picked up" again. Despawns if the owner respawns as a loadout without this equipped too.

Blinding Powder: Pssszzz, pocket sand, eeeyauuu! Flinches if enemy is facing as the tossed grains enter his eye, 0 damage. Whether you gain initiative or not depends on the draw speed of your weapon + delay between tossing the powder and flinching him while swapping weapons. Can be thought of as a single-use, ranged but 0 damage/0 stam drain kick.

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Wait they're finally making rapier slashes non-flinch? I claim credit for this idea!

There's already grenades in the game, why not add holy hand grenade I guess? :p

I imagine lucerne would be a very large war hammer. 40 damage torso strikes like poleaxe alt and 50 damage head shots. But alt side gives that nice 80 damage head shots and 15 damage torso strikes. War hammer is one of my favorite weapons because of how you have to use the various sides to go for a head shot and then swap sides to finish with torso strike. Polehammer should just be a long war hammer with 30 damage stabs. Contrary to how it played in Chivalry, it shouldn't really be a floaty weapon but a fast one with fast windups. This way hit stop doesn't sabatoge it too much in team play and it gets killer feints but hard to use drags.

Polehammer point costs should really be balanced around it's reach rather than damage. If its poleaxe sized then it should be 6/7 points, if its longer then 8 or 9. In team play it's value will be finishing off people with it's alt side head shots similar to how halberd alt plays out but shorter and with combos.

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  • 24 Apr

@das said:

Handgonne: A ranged weapon with a very telegraphed firi--- NO GUNS. The devs have made multiple clear statements about this.

Why not. :( Hand gonne could be unblockable but low damage.. takes around 5 seconds to shoot after fire is lit and makes noise while it's preparing to fire as well (so predictable timing unlike bows/crossbows), also stationary sway like crossbow.. high reload time. I think it can be balanced. Or at least it wouldn't be worse than other ranged weapons like Longbow, Crossbow etc.

As for blinding sand, sounds like something new. it could work as a sand filled pouch. Only blind enemies if thrown on head. Otherwise, doesn't do anything. but obviously it can be blocked as well. Perhaps sand will neutralize fire pots.

About Haystacks.. it could work well as side objective for frontline.. There are certain spots where building haystacks would allow your team to take short cut through jumping onto them as normally jumping would do a lot of damage. If Mountains peak is used for Frontline, haystacks could be useful.

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Landscknecht were known for using handgonnes along with Zwei and pikes.

Sure they could be balanced (some of them didn't even penetrate plate) but I'm not necessarily sure they should be added for the same reasons heavy crossbow should not be added as anything more than a map pickup. Archery is fine but tools used basically as 1 shot "sniper rifles" should not be added and if handgonne isn't gonna be a 1 shot sniper rifle... then whats the point?

Yeah it would be cool and can certainly be balanced but why bother.

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  • 24 Apr

We could just mod handgonne in once the mod tools come and make it a map pickup. I think I even could make custom anims for it

I'd rather make it an arquebus tbh, it looks cool and still fits Mordhau timeframe

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  • 26 Apr

I've made a topic on it before, but someone directed me to this page. Peasant flails! Maybe could be usable without the peasant perk, maybe not, perhaps you could find it on the battlefield. Anyways, thought it would be a neat addition if you guys don't decide to add a typical fantasy flail in because of realism reasons or something. But yeah man, a peasant flail!

It would probably be a bit less expensive than the eveningstar, but more so than whatever the cost of the big stick will be once you guys implement it. It could maybe have longer reach than the eveningstar, but with a reduction to damage and speed. Also maybe a close-to-head alt grip like the eveningstar. Other than that I don't have any ideas on what it would be like.

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  • 27 Apr

So I was browsing wikipedia looking for polearms and found this dude:


I can't be the only one who sees a tomato right?

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  • 27 Apr

@wierHL said:
So I was browsing wikipedia looking for polearms and found this dude:


I can't be the only one who sees a tomato right?

absolute unit

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Messer feels very clunky to use and fight against. It's short, yet has a huge windup and its actual swing gets to rewind like it was chivalry. Messer's historically a weapon meant to chop up peasants and light/medium armor but falls short at fighting T3 compared to LS/Poleaxe because of its weak stab power... But in Mordhau it flops at fighting rats when used by a T3 person yet excels at chopping up knights with it's time defying drags that they can't run from. The weapon's pros/cons are completely flipped in Mordhau from reality.

Shouldn't it be more similar to longsword but with slightly longer initial windup and slightly slower swing/stab speed as longsword but with less reach and more swing damage/less stab damage? But fast combos so it maintains initiative and plays uniquely in FL? By making dragging and morph dragging it's sole use, it has become useless against rats and only good at killing slow knights. Also, 1h mode feels bad with it and it's only used to finish someone off since it's 1h stab has more reach. Why does it have to be so wonky and awkward?

This thread wasn't posted because messer makes me rage or whatever, this was posted because, yes, it's drags simply do not belong in this game but also because no one uses messer and whenever I try it, expecting to be cancer I quickly remember that using messer is more annoying than fighting it. LS or Baxe are simply better weapons.

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  • 1 May

the range is kinda weird on Lucerne Hammer, i tried to poke a pole with it and i could see the end of the weapon go through the pole and still no hit. I had to take 1 or 2 steps forward for it to hit.

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I think the halberd should be longer, or if kept at this size, faster, because at the moment it feels like a downgraded greatsword. I understand one advantage of the halberd is it's versatility - that's why I like it - but as a polearm it should be longer in order to, firstly, support your allies effectively during combat and also to keep people away from you. ATM it feels to me that it's simply easier to use a greatsword - it has more range, essentially same damage and is a bit slower.

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Stormtrooper, welcome to the forums brother!

But I disagree halberd should stay where it's at, its actually obnoxiously powerful in the right hands. Anyways, for better support, press R on keypad to switch to it's alt mode. The alt mode has more reach and the spike does a lot of damage to armor. I believe the spike actually does 85 damage to heavy armor helmet. Absolutely devastating when used right.

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Lionheart Chevalier, thank you for the reply and welcoming.
Actually, I'm mistaken. I meant the Pole Axe in my comment, unaware there's a Pole Axe/Halberd distinction in the game (tricky). I've seen the Halberd has more damage and reach, should be quite effective. I have yet to unlock it.

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We need more siege weapons and ranged weapons, like the Arquebus although a firearm one way to balance it similar to the hand cannon is load time plus it has to be stationary another is a matchlock where there's a long load time and a tad harder to have accuracy on.

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  • 4 May

I'd also love to see matchlock arquebus weapons added, ideally they'd hit hard at close-medium range (perhaps even able to instakill a level 2 helmet with a direct headshot) but would lose both power and accuracy over distance. A very slight arc, and a very fast projectile. Unlike bows and crossbows, though, they could have shot deviation over range, only being accurate up to a certain point. And of course, a long reload.


Speaking of powerful weapons with long reloads, I'm sure this has been suggested already, but could we get some bigger crossbows, perhaps like a windlass crossbow or goats-leg crossbow? And while we're at it, why not add pistol crossbows as well?


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  • 4 May

Im afraid guns would ruin this game