How will fists act mechanically compared to other weapons?

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  • 17 Mar '17
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i know right? i would love to fuck around in captain america mode but i was just saying that they may not want it.

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  • 17 Mar '17

@Sammy said:
Do your hands fall off if you block without stamina using fists?

Nah m8, first your gauntlets fly off, then your hands come off if you get hit again

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Well...If you know who is the protagonist in my photo, you can imagine how i feel about this now...
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  • 1 Dec '17

When your first contribution to the forum is a 4 times edited necro anime reaction post about your clan name

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hahaa 4 edits for one sentence, he probably stutters irl.

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  • 2 Dec '17

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)