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Conscript 168 358
  • 8 Mar '17



301 875
  • 8 Mar '17

Just backed. Alpha access in time for my birthday. Also time to build a new computer.

Baron 1226 1617
  • 8 Mar '17

I'm hard :)

Knight 93 270
  • 8 Mar '17

to the dev team. just remember if you support this game for the next 3 years, your company will grow into a respectable buissnes. and maybe 10 years from now you will be making a lot of money from games that do not require a kickstarter. this will be the moment you will look back to. this will be the moment where it all began and i am happy to be part of this.

Conscript 4564 6302
  • 8 Mar '17

Holy fucking shit guys

It looks so awesome I cant even

Knight 3313 6811
  • 8 Mar '17



Conscript 4564 6302
  • 1
  • 8 Mar '17

Btw the music, omg

You guys are genious tbh, its spot on, beautiful it brings tears to my eyes

Everything is awesome!

Srsly, the music is fucking great, congratulations for everyone involved very talented people

Baroness 6089 7050
  • 8 Mar '17

I assume you guys didn't let Crushed make the horses, then. They look so much better than they were in Irilla!

Anywho, think I'll nab Baron tier!

5 6
  • 8 Mar '17

I love the kick in the balls towards For Honor's shitty Peer to Peer system, I have 50 hours in that game but if I could have it I'd have 10x the hours in this bloody beautiful looking game.

The hype is real!

Knight 766 3329
  • 8 Mar '17

Horseback riding? Hype explosion.

92 53
  • 8 Mar '17


92 53
  • 8 Mar '17


Sellsword 26 28
1920 968

nearly 20k in the first 2 hours...

Omg, Its happening...

Knight 39 74

Can't wait for my cowardly lute loadout.

Sellsword 172 430
  • 8 Mar '17

DEDICATED SERVERS. Bad netcode can ruin a multiplayer game, especially a melee title with a focus on precise timing. Peer-to-peer? > No, thanks. Dedicated servers ensure a stable experience and low ping.

KEK. For Honor BTFO.

Duchess 6896 9886
  • 8 Mar '17
 Sir Zombie

I'm sorry to tell you, but the lute can't be a part of your loadout.
Even tho it should be like jesus christ marox you are so close and yet so far to make it perfect just add the lute pls imho tbh

1920 968

Just imagine the spike in plegdes when skallagrim does a video on this.

Count 449 1186
  • 8 Mar '17

Going to back this when I get my paycheck. Super stoked this is happening!

Knight 160 996