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Castello and Amd

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  • 13 Feb

Hello everyone, and hello dear developers.

My pc is 100% Amd, and I have to say, the Castello map is hard to play in server 80.
Between the feeling of being continuously stuttering and the loss of 50% fps during key moments of combat, it becomes difficult to play pleasantly as the lack of fluidity ruins the gameplay.
Castello has been around for almost 2 years now, and I don't understand why my pc is in so much pain, while my friend with a 1060Ti has no fps loss.
My ping varies from 30 to 60, on this side everything is going very well
My settings is high, except shadows and ragdolls at a minimum.
My PC : W10 64 + full last drivers.
Ryzen 2700X
Corsair 16Go DDR4 C15 3000MHz
MSI RX 5700
SSD 850 Evo

That's it, I just wanted to point this out, hoping the game's future additions won't be as problematic as this.