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MORDHAU has got no soul

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  • 9 Jan

I'd like to speak out some thoughts about MORDHAU in a holesome aproach. The game has got almost two years at this date, and I must express how bad I feel about it.

The game has no soul. It doesn't inspire or thrill me in anyway there is to keep playing it. I'm not a competitive player. I don't do ranked matches, I don't do duels, I don't even do other game modes that aren't Invasion or Frontline. The main reason is due to the lack of creativity of these game modes. To be fully honest, the maps are amazing in graphic, they look awesome. The textures, the lightining, the motion effects and all... they're pretty great. However, the objetives - the tasks - who are the main reason for the players to explore and savour the map itself, they're SO damn rubbish. It's got me to the point of raging about it... bc it's so God damn bad!

For God's Holy sake, why does the peasants that need rescuing on Taiga are INSIDE the attacking team's base? Why Feitoria's first objective is to push a giant siege tower (an icon of medieval warfare in so many games and streaming platforms) if the bloody castle has got AT LEAST five entrances AT START of the match? Why does Camp's enviroment feels like some grumpy cloudy day and not like a nightmarerish medieval battlefield? Like - for instace - Chivalry's map called Battlegrounds? Where's the smoke? Where's the rain? Where's the burning crops and farms? Where are the peasants screaming and running for their lives? Where's the dark, hellish envoriment that immerses the player right into what should be the game's main porpose: BEING INSIDE A CHAOTIC MEDIEVAL BATTLE.

I don't feel it. I can't feel it. I only feel sorry to see where this game has got to. Why do you have all these awesome designed maps and a totally overhauled fighting system (way better than Chivlry's btw) if it doen't thrills the player to play it. Honestly, it looks like you guys have been given the rights of The Lords of the Rings and ended up making an arcady mobile game with it... it's terrible, it's so damn sad.

Chivalry had horrible flaws, but one thing they did very well that you guys could drag inspiration from are the maps. They were awesome, every single one of them. They had everything: blood, burning, city sacking, castle storming, king killing and the terrific bloodshed we all love. I do believe MORDHAU can come up to be a great game... as Chivlary was, since it kept a small but solid fanbase for years, even the developers having it abandoned at some point.

You guys have not abandoned MORDHAU, but the game sure feels rusty and uninteresting. Invasion maps are just a reciclyng of Frontline maps. The immersion doesn't exist. THE TERRIBLE SOUNDS EFFECTS PISS ME OFF. For The Lord's sake, piercing a crossbow bolt through a knight's chestplate sounds like a punch on the belly. The massive catapult strike sounds like a flour sack being blown. it's absolutely ridiculous. It's not funny, it's not intriguing. It's not immersive. It's just so terrible.

I do hope some developer sees this and notice how how bad the game is. I do hope MORDHAU comes to be more than a very well polished melee fighting system, bc that's all it is right know, in my humble opinion. Thanks.

Best regards!

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  • 12 Jan

I feel you on this.
Mordhau is like a Full course dinner with your apéritif , hors d'œuvre , main dish , dessert & finaly digestif :
Everything except the main dish is sub-par, some are ok at best, some are terrible. But here comes the main dish andoh boy is it delicious! It's amazing and you don't remember ever tasting something that good! Looks like the cook really only focused on one thing only and it was that bomb-ass main dish.

That main dish is the combat system. The devs really outdone themselves on it and it shows (even if they are still balancing stuff out). It's not perfect but for the most part, it is really snappy and works great! That is what keeps most players from coming back to the game. The eventual problem with this is all the other "course" of the dinner are not at the same level. It comes down in part because the devs are a small team and are focusing mainly on the combat aspect while the rest seems almost like an afterthought. They got better with maps but they still have a long way when it comes to objectives. While I would like to have all this work done by yesterday, I also do not wish stress and "crunch" to the devs and will mostly be patient. They are after all, players themselves.

My main fear is it could very well take too much time that Chivalry 2 could start gaining back their delay and match up against Mordhau. They might not have the best combat system (rumours says that their combat system is even more dumbed-down), but they have a larger force, more funds and partners to push the game out. They were successful in many of their map design/layouts & their objectives that most would flock to that game if Mordhau can't also compete on that aspect.

So far, Triternion business practices were good and the "no paid cosmetic" is really appreciated and wouldn't want to go back to Tornbanner's way and thus hope for the futur success of Mordhau.