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Arrows do not ignite on flaming patches caused by fire pots, flaming catapults, or the trebuchets.

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  • 12 Nov '20

Result: Player is unable to ignite arrows while using bows or crossbows on fire patches caused by fire pots flaming catapults or trebuchets.

Expected Result: Player is able to ignite arrows on environmental fire of all kinds.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play mordhau as archer.
  2. Spawn with recurve bow and firepot.
  3. Throw firepot on the ground.
  4. Switch to recurve bow.
  5. Draw bow.
  6. Steady your shot.
  7. Release arrows!
  8. Reach enlightenment.
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  • 12 Nov '20

Also while were here... Let's talk about huntsman perk.

Perks are supposed to increase the ways players can build characters and play... but huntsman goes wholly against the soul of what perks are... by forcing archers into a singular role and punishing those that don't conform to the chosen role by making them just get 1 shot by other archers who are being gud little huntsman sheep and playing that only role dictated by this stupid perk

The solution is simple.

Remove huntsman perk.

Add Arrowtypes. Broadhead, Normal, Bodkin.

Don't force archers into stupid archer vs archer meta.

(PS: Revert crossroads into a 1 cap, king of the hill map.)