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Can't play any modded servers as mods just don't download.

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  • 7 Nov

I have had this problem for a while now and I can say with complete confidence that I have tried every possible fix under the sun and nothing works. I have reinstalled the game multiple times, verified integrity of files, deleted all my mods in-game, deleted the entire .modio folder, deleted temp and cache folders, cleared all context in the mod_download_queue.json and replaced it with 'null' and maybe a dozen other things but nothing has ever worked and I honestly can't even play this game anymore. I've faced many problems with this game before mostly due to the lack of any proper support and crappy third-party mod system that they use (just use steam workshop ffs) but holy shit this takes things to a whole new level. You know this game is messed up when I have literally spent more time trying to fix the game instead of actually playing it. It's a shame coz I actually kinda liked this game back when I could still play it.