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Game direction

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  • 25 Oct

Hi guys
I believe that games need to push players into smart and healthy decisions in order to keep the gameplay ordered and actually fun. I'm fairly sure that's exactly what the developers of Mordhau had in mind, but if i'm wrong or you disagree you can stop here. I think with a few small changes the game could quite easily become much more like actual warfare, instead of drunken smashing of faces by crazed football fans aka the meatgrinder. That, in turn, would attract a lot more players.

  1. Death penalty. I even catch myself being influenced by it. If you know that you will respawn 20m away within 2s then death simply looses all meaning. Make it like 30s and everyone will take blocking much more seriously and actually strive to stay alive.
    1a LTS - last team standing mode could also be alot of fun
  2. Make effort to block and nerf crazy builds and one trick players. E.g. ppl who take maul, no armor, run into enemy spawn and abuse their speed and crazy maul riposte.
  3. I do realize that the community has accepted it, but delete feinting. It's too powerfull and pushes people into toxic behaviour. It's a trick shot, that requires little skill, works extremely well in big, confusing fights and most importanly - has no counter. Trick shots are fine, but they need to be defendable. And to everyone who will most likely start offending me for not being able to read it - you just enjoy easy kills, stop pretending. In chivalry i've kicked countless players out of the server for feinting, because most ppl agreed - it's a shit feature and agreed to punish those who abuse it. And morphing is the same as feinting, unless you make the switch slow enough that a person can block again.
  4. Developer leadership in the community. Showcase ppl what you had in mind. Put videos on youtube where you explain tactics available in your game and how it can be achieved. Splitting emote system into combat and social could help that alot. E.g. Shieldwall, that's just been made possible. This could also serve in advertising capacity, because i myself had trouble finding footage that would help me convice my friends to buy this game. There's a lot more swordfighting fans out there.
  5. More intricate point system. Make the players desire points, not kills and grant more of them from objectives and other smart behavior. like for blocking for your team in a shield wall, even if you didnt do damage (but saved your people).
    You see where i'm going with this
    Oh and one more thing - PLEASE, make it easier to votekick people. In chivalry it was enough to write a single letter or none at all and it presented a list of players and all you had to choose is the number assigned. There is way too many people who have crazy letters in their names to avoid getting kicked when they sabotage or otherwise troll the game. A player list with visible teamdamage would be nice as well. It keeps people more honest and thinking with their slashes if they can easily be found when doing more damage to their own team than the enemy. Or someone will want to check if the teammate who killed then is actually an idiot or just made an honest mistake.

That's my-two-frustration-fueled-cents, do with it what you will

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  • 4 Nov

1- It will punish even more new players and don't change much the gameplay of very good ones
3- Easy counter to feint = kick / chamber or else learn to hard read them by training in lots of duel servers

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  • 4 Nov

I appreciate that everyone has their view on gameplay and im not going to be one to give you a "get better at the game" advice slip from your ponderings.

  1. The reason that i and many others love Mordhau is because my game-time is limited and i greatly appreciate not having to wait 5 mins for a matchmaking timer or 30 seconds for a respawn timer. I can legitimately spend the majority of my time actually in the action. waiting for 30 seconds its not fun for anyone, so lets not penalise the many for the recklessness of the few. I for one try to get the best KD i can, that is the game for me. Others like to spam death for the sake of an objective. Neither really affect my gaming experience because it doesnt matter who wins in this game, its just about having fun however you can.

  2. The maul exists its time people got over this. Theres nothing forcing you to fight people with a maul, you can block and back off as much as you like. if they got no armour you can 1 shot them as well so.

  3. unfortunately, the game would be extraordinarily easy without feints. If you start doing some duels with a friend and just try to feint each other you will get used to reacting to them.

  4. pretty sure they did this at the beginning with trix

  5. this is probably the most credible of your rants. Objective points really do need to be more rewarding. ive stood on the cart for well over 2 minutes only to get 16 points every 15 seconds or something ridiculous.

and the vote kicking is a big issue for me.

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  • 14 Nov

I think point 3 is a meme.

"I do realize that the community has accepted it, but delete feinting. It's too powerfull "

"and most importanly - has no counter."

" In chivalry i've kicked countless players out of the server for feinting, because most ppl agreed"

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  • 14 Nov

I mean feitnt spam is ridiculous but it can be dealt with, just be more aggresive and use the sound to read them. Usually people that spam q are either skirmish tryhards or someone that's not even that good to begin with and you usually kill them easy if you throw feint yourself.

Maybe test server with some low cd on feint? I dont know man, I hated it in chiv i hate it here and i believe its the sole reason why causuals are not playing this game. That and a bit of content.

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I'm only going to focus on 5.
The point system imo needs to be looked at, judging by the games I've played/the points I've scored, the reward at the end hasn't been impacted a whole lot by what I've done in the game, mainly by length of time I've spent in the match.
Objective points need upping big time, and with that the end game rewards need to be scaled to correlate to the points you scored in the match better.
If objectives had better points (And therefore reward) attached to them, I think it'd tie in nicely to building a more objective focussed match, rather than the actual objective being somewhat secondary.