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Matchmaking putting people randomly in South Asian servers

Conscript 11 5
  • 3
  • 27 Sep

I play on singapore servers, and after the recent patch we have been seeing many new players in our region, usually with 200+ ping, who are getting matched in south asia accidentally(even if they choose their specific region while matchmaking). These players are from all over the world.

As much as I want there to be more players in our region, which has a low player count, this is an issue which might even turn off some of the new players if they constantly get matched in other regions.

Hope they fix it soon. Meanwhile, use the server browser to choose servers of your region please if you're facing this issue.

Edit: Hey devs, if you're reading this, we requested you for official frontline/invasion servers in south asia, thanks for adding them! Pls also consider adding ranked servers in the region. We do have a lower player count but a lot of players here play brawl/duel in unofficial servers. Plus we have seen an influx of a lot of new players from the region itself recently. We would love to play ranked duel/brawl as well. But currently the closest servers for us are in EU and East Asia with 180+ ping in both. Its unplayable there. Pls do consider. Thanks in adv :)