Servers literally dying

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  • 13 Sep

Today I joined 2 different servers, both died because of high packet loss, how come it comes this far? Abandoned game?
Europe, everyone has this issue atm, fix it.

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  • 19 Sep

Yup, also a lot of silence from the developers? I don't know man. Theres only one server that somehow has stable ping (sometimes) and then you join the others and it's all gone to shit. High Packetloss, high ping, sometimes getting kicked? Really makes me ragequit the game a lot because its just boring when you can't parry or chamber and die. Also those light armor wearing types that because of the lag can cause way more havoc and literally warp through the teamplayers or enemies. It pisses me off.

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They curtailed to the 2 hander ganker ballerina accel decel naruto weebs.

Instead of the tactical shield 1 hander short sword, or ( * without shield ) 1 hander... which they slowed down because
god knows why...

The time it takes for Windup - release and recovery, for a short sword or arming sword, ... is almost exactly the same as a longsword.

I find that unacceptable.
The removed my gamestyle, twice now. I rely on fast weapons. albeit weak striking, the speed was the only advantage. Now every stoner can read weapons because they have all been slowed down cuz they are cognitively slow.

i will also be leaving.
Partly because the devs are dictators with their game decisions, ( its their game ) but i didnt pay for yet another nerf war meta hack and slash like chivalry.