South America BRAZIL Official Servers EXTREME PACKET LOSS

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  • 24 Aug

I'd like to express the community's absolute discontent and revolt due to EXTREME PACKET LOSS incurrencies in brazilian servers. The problem das been going for months along and aparently nothing has been done de solve the issue!

I'd like to demand Triternion's posicionment about the problem. The game is completely unpalyable at this state.

I look forward to a quick answer.


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I've had the exact same problems. What is the point of having low ping if the lagging is way worse than in 150+ ping servers thanks to packet loss? The least they should do is add an option to remove the high ping alert from the screen.

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  • 29 Aug

Thank God, I'm not the only one with this issue. But yeah, might as well just play on NA servers at this point.

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  • 11 Sep

Actually, to play on a Latin server with 180 ms, I prefer to play in North America with 180 ms, the connections with Brazil are scary. This is one of the reasons why Latin servers remain so sparsely populated.
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