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What happened to the lutebot Thread?

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  • 15 Aug '20

So i come back into mordhau and find people still running lutebot but when i ask them if i can still get it, they say the forum post is gone and when i do check if it was true, i find only 1 category?

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  • 15 Aug '20

devs deleted the forums because who fucking knows

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  • 20 Aug '20

This is all such BS. I just started playing this game and really wanted to try out the lute bot. Now it's gone!? So the devs deleted it!?

Is there any other way to get it? It's so dumb, I just wanted to start playing this game now it feels like they are trying to kill it.

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  • 20 Aug '20

Looking for lutebot too. Sadface

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  • 21 Aug '20

: ( damn it's gone

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  • 30 Aug '20

Hi All,

You can find the LuteBot 2.0 Megathread here.

The original Lutebot was broken after they released patch 14 (DefaultInput.ini was renamed and relocated).
I really wanted to use LuteBot so I made it my task to fix and improve the original application for everyone.
I found some GitHub pull requests of the original repo that included additional features and fixes by the community.
I decided to work upon those over the original build, below is a short summary of some of the changes.

  • Support for Input.ini including file location set automatically in the configuration file
  • Changed default Console Key from Page Down to the Home button
  • Setting added to set the time to zero when the play button is pressed
  • Setting added to stop notes being played when controller keys (ctrl/alt/tab) and when typing in chat
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Download the latest release from my GitHub.

Credit goes to...
MontyLeGueux - Original Creator
ExtReMLapin - The two additional settings and various fixes and improvements

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  • 15 Feb

Lute Bot seems to be obsolete now, doesn't work at all and the midi files disappeared plus the developers probably stopped it or something, it kind of sucks but unless someone has some magic fix, lute bot seems to be gone.