Geforce RTX2080 Super with 8GB VRAM and still Mordhau crashes

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  • 17 Jul

Hello community,
I´ve got a problem with my VRAM crashing the game.
I bouth myself in April a new Geforce RTX2080 Super and till today it was running smooth like butter.
Until Mordhau crashed and it said that the VRAM is not enough (8GB VRAM).
It says: "out of memory trying to allocate a texture!..." and so on.
It worked all fine for months. I tried DxDiag from windows, everything is fine. I tried to figure out with GPUZ how much the system is using VRAM, its always getting more the more i play. Starts with 3000mb up to 7300mb until it crashes.
Have u guys any tips and same experiences with same Graphicscard like me and can help me?

Thank u guys

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  • 28 Jul

Have you tried just reinstalling the game? This game doesn't even use hardly over 4gb, so there is something wrong there.
Maybe try wiping the card drivers for a fresh install too.

This has happened before for people, and is usually not related to the game its self, but to some failure of your actual operating system.