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Exploited Animations

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  • 15 Jul '20

The game has been out long enough for players to develop a skill set in this game. But lets talk about some "game-breaking" animations that players frequent to give them the advantage.

In a fight or duel between two players, you obviously have your Strike, Parry, Riposte, Feint, Drag and Accelerate attack movements.
These are all legit ways to fight. But lets speak about the abused movement / attack mechanics players currently use.


Foot stabs.

Foot stabs players would defend that they're going for a leg strike but in reality, these players are doing foot stab drags and it goes completely through a players parry. This attack movement leads to players abusing hitboxes and giving them an unfair advantage due to these attacks not being able to be parried unless using a shield.


Wiggly Movements The wiggly movements players can do by increasing their mouse sensitivity and flicking their mouse in rapid directions will cause their characters head and overall movements to "wiggle" not allowing players to see attacks, feints, parries, drags, accels. We all know the premise of drags and accels which is turning into your attack. But when players abuse mouse sensitivity settings to give them an unfair advantage that makes their character unreadable is ridiculous.

I've played Chivalry for a good amount of time and these movements were in-game and ended up being the "Meta" of top tier players. Where if you didn't use these animations, you just were not good. Alot of players quit due to being frustrated with specific animations that allowed players to get unfair advantages such as the ballerinas. Where if you flicked your mouse fast enough, you were able to get 2-3 strikes on an opponent from just 1 swing.

The mechanics are also discouraging towards getting new players into the game. They see level 200 players using these animations that weren't meant to be used and these players quit over frustration. These high level players know exactly what they're doing so many hide their level with duel rank or change their account name frequently so players wont take notice of a frequent abuser.

Now i have no problem laying face down in the dirt from my own mistakes in combat but when you have players who have no issue going out of their way to give them this unfair advantage, its pretty discouraging even after playing hundreds of hours.

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  • 23 Aug '20

Well done and thank you for this very interesting topic.
In all games there are cheaters and exploiters, the duel mode has completely changed this, and all too often it is used by high level players who will always answer that it is because they have experience. and that they know how to do this naturally, when in reality they lie and hijack the natural possibilities foreseen by the developers.

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  • 24 Aug '20

sensitivity can't make your attacks "unreadable" as there is a turncap while attacking

sorry kid nothing personnel

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  • 24 Aug '20

Why did you necro this thread?

And when the game doesn't offer real offense and baiting parries is almost the only way to get a hit in, it will of course lead to these spastic movements. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

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  • 24 Aug '20

play exanima

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  • 27 Aug '20

i guess, "casual players arent relevant"?

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  • 29 Aug '20

The game should blurs and shake player vision if they wiggled.