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Can't refund the game and can't play with a normal ping... I've got kind of scammed

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I can't refund this game because I played over 2 hours. I live in Argentina, I have fiber internet, 100 mb/s. Still get always, I mean always, over 200 ping. Get matched vs other players with 60+- ping. In a game were timing is crucial this is unplayable. I played over 2 hours because I wanted to test out the game. The fact that the only servers there are in latin america are from Brasil, and they don't work that well, really makes me feel scammed after buying the game. Can I please get help from the developers to get a refund? Or are you considering fixing this issue permanently?

It feels like a lot of effort was put into progression and customization, but lack of good servers make an otherwise good game unplayable. I do not have this issue with any other online pvp game and makes me feel it's not a very seriously designed game.

Edit: After playing a couple more hours I found out that 200 ms is a good matchup for me. When I have to duel I have to choose Worldwide due to the lack of people and get matched with russian for 300 ms... so much fun. Please help me get my money back.

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  • 7 Jul

Why are you complaining to the devs when it's Steam's refund policy? You knew the policy from the start, it's your own fault for playing over 2 hours.

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I did not know the refunding policy... I'm sure you always read 10 blocks of text when clicking "I agree" on ToS right?

Nevertheless, I'm complaining to the devs because:

1) They can probably request a refund on their end for me. Maybe there is some penalty charge because of the steam commision or whatever, but they probably can.

2) If they refuse helping me with the refund, they can at least explain to me if they are working on this issue, or if it's in their plans to improve their server quality.

Why are you answering lazy if you are not a dev? Please don't defend them and leave the devs answer for themselves. I do not wish to start a discussion with the community, I just want a dev to answer.

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  • 8 Jul

i'm not defending them, I hate their guts lmao it's just that your complaint is pointless and will get you nothing

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Ok, but you can't know that for sure bro. I don't feel you're providing value to my help request, you are just dissing my request. I'm sure you know the devs more than I know them, so thanks for the heads up. But still I would like to get their feedback.

Are you, devs, aware of this issue for Latin American servers?
Are you working for a fix?

Do devs even answer this forum?

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Ok, so I gave it a good 4 days go. Since I see the developers attitude towards the game, and seeing nobody addresses the server issues I've just uninstalled the game.

If it serves as feedback (although it doesn't seem very appreciated due to the lack of attention I have gotten from any official member of the staff) I would recommend you get your sh*t straight first, a solid server, and guarantee people can connect like regular people. And then start tackling major milestones and growing from there.

I'll assume everyone that has tried playing in my region has encountered the same issues and will eventually stop playing due to the unplayable nature of the pvp. So I don't see a very bright future for this game.

It helps, A LOT, to show a tad of interest in your player base. Just a simple "We feel you, and are working on it for future patches" would have done. But I'm done with this joke of a game.

Good luck to y'all