Small Ping Spikes and Rising Ping in crowded servers.

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This post is made to address two problems I often see in servers.

First, ping will gradually increase as the player count increases. On an empty server I get 24-28 ping while on a full server of 48 players I get 36-40 ping. This is an average difference of 12 ping between a full and empty server. I understand the server would be under a heavier load with more players, but why does this slow down the transfer of information?

Second, ping ingame will commonly "spike", often increasing to 72-80 from the normal 36-40. These spikes are very frequent when they do start occurring, often happening 3-4 time a minute. This "ping spiking" is so common for me that it is happens more frequently than the ping behaving normally. This is extraordinarily frustrating becasue it is impossible to develop proper timing when the ping keeps changing and thus necessitating a change in block and chamber timing.

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  • 18 May

Atleast u can play around 24-70 ping. Its even good enough to play, for an example I have constant ping around from 80-130 ping in all official servers +TDM +Skrimish. The only servers I can play are deathmatch that gives me around 60-65.
However my location on the globus dosent allow me to play mordhau properly even tho I have the best internet around. I have around 650 hours so beilieve me or not I know the ping pain:/.. But you can play normally just enter the lowest ping servers and youll be fine.