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when are we gonna have good official servers?

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  • 15 May

I am East Coast U.S. And it seems to me that all East Coast official servers have "High Ping" and "Packet Loss". But don't take my word for it, the game tells me in yellow bold font on the right side of my screen every match I join using the state-of-the-art matchmaking.

I played the ranked mode when it was in it's first release, and it was far more reliable then.

Tried it again recently for 5 matches, and ALL of the games I joined I had 170+ ping.\

In fact, the best servers for me to join are actually Central US servers, which doesn't make sense, unless of course Triternion pays for garbage servers on the East Coast, given that they are usually more expensive to host than Central servers. Also in which case, yudothistome?

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  • 16 May

My ping on the West Coast is often bad, too. Today my ping filter of 150 leaves me with 0-2 servers on invasion or frontline. What's going on?

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  • 18 May

Same issue on EU server...^^^^...

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yeah its been that way for a long time for me with high ping and freezing up. and they have done NOTHING to fix it or even talk about it. and every time this comes up you have the Fan boys coming and acting like we are just making stuff up. i love this this game and really wish i could play it again but its hard to when you cant do shit in the game cause of high ping and shit like that. and i just dont think they care about us enough to fix it.

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  • 31 May

I don't think they bother with us the small community of people that have bad ping trouble in this game, even tho there is enough people that suffer from this issue... In my opinion if they would fix it somehow they will expand their community even more and the progress of the game will be better.
Lets just hope that any staff member will see this and will reply..Hate the uncertainty..

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Same issue below 80 shows like 1-2 servers, and it random pings up. I don't have this issue but with this game. Most server even East Coast are 130 + only 3 under 120 ms.... (2 of which are Central Servers and not East, majority of the East ones are worst than the Central ones)

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  • 6 Jul

If you've been paying any attention at all you'll know the answer to your question is "never."

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  • 16 Jul

@Blaze said:
Same issue on EU server...^^^^...

Same here in EU.

I always got 200 Ping in each match.