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Chat ban

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  • 9 May

Hi, this is actually something like a question. So about 2 weeks ago I used the n word in game and some admin chat banned me. I just wanna ask, for how long I am banned. Thank you

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  • 9 May

help meeeeeeee

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  • 10 May

Same i thought u could say anything in this game, it's such bullsht.
Like if i knew there were rules i wouldn't troll chat with racial slurs.
100% Triternions fault for not disclosing it openly what u can say or not, when every other person says all kinds of bs in chat.

2021 2108

The rules are visible. Nobody forced you to troll. So it's not 100% their fault. Take a little responsibility for your actions!

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It's 100% the lion's fault for tearing me apart with his claws and teeth after I went to his nest in the jungle and punched him. He should have warned me I'm not allowed to hurt him. Now I'm dead, but its not my fault so I demand resurrection.

For f**k's sake, use your brain. It's not like it's ok to do anything to anyone just because there was no warning. Did you disclose that you are about to be a dick for chat users, prior to being a dick to them?

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  • 15 May

Do kids get ANY education at home these days?

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  • 16 May

Hello dear Mordhau developers.
My Steam name is Bellator. I recently got muted on chat, and I don´t know why. We were having a very interesting conversation and suddenly I got muted. Probably a dev or a moderator was playing in the same server, and he didn´t agree with our reasonable ponts of view. That moderator must be an incel, a neckbeard, libtard or something of that sort. You must stop hiring retarded simps and cucks, and begin to hire chad moderators.
I want to get unmuted. The toxic chat of Mordhau is the only reason I still play the game, because once you pass lvl100 everything is boring, but the chat is still vibrant and fun.
Please, dear developers, unmute me, and fire your incel moderator.


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  • 19 May

Okay, so .... Will I ever be unbanned ? Its 2 Months now. I wanna use the chat again ....

2021 2108

You won't get an answer here. You'll have to ask that at Crush's instagram.