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Losing out on thousands of Gold and Exp due to game not saving either after a match nor giving it to me later like some people saying they are experiencing.

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Been back on Mordhau for about 2 weeks not and I have noticed that Gold and Exp has a tendency to not save sometimes. I have lost out on potential thousands of Gold and Exp at this point because of this and it don't really seem right that the cosmetics in this game are so expensive yet my rewards after playing a match are not being saved to my account. I know many are experiencing the same thing and I hope the devs fix soon because I really want the Scout Hat and Plague Mask combo :(

Conscript 1004 2022
  • 25 Apr

It's a recurring feature.

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I've just lost out on 45.000 Gold buying the Lute skin. Gold is gone but it didn't register that I bought the lute skin.

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  • 27 Apr

It's getting ridiculous now, they need to do something and we need compensated for the losses.