How to make HORDE better

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  • 16 Apr

The major drawback and annoying thing about horde is the fact that you have to search the entire map to find what you want, its not fun and makes horde boring, so why not copy MW3 survival.


  • add a chest that you can walk up to and buy anything you want from (armor, weapons, ammo, etc)

Other fun additions

  • a targeting torch - that when you throw down acts as a target for a catapult to fire a burning rock like the once in camp
  • fire traps - a fire pot that goes off once an NPC walks over the rope trap
  • call in NPC friendly - have different costs and levels for the friendly, e.g 300 = 3 villagers & 600 = 3 knights
  • ability to buy perks - let us buy perks in chests, it will make horde more fun. (exclude bloodlust)

Hopefully these chances if any are implemented make horde mode so much fun people dream about playing it.