who decided Contraband is THE map for 1v1 ranked???

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how did the devs manage to chose the shittiest stupid map in the game to be used for a 1v1? Did one of them actually say to themselves that THIS is the ultimate map for a 1v1 ranked duel system? ANY other map with any other spot is better than this cancer pillar hide and seek bs. if they had put this ranked mode on feitoria in the worst spot of the map it would work better than the shitfest that is contraband. AT LEAST remove those damn pillars. its called a DUEL RANKED mode, this isn't fucking hide and seek cancer cheese 2020 mode. or just make all the climbable spots in tourney NOT climbable and its gonna become the perfect map for this. or just change the mode to any small space 1v1 spot on any map but PLEASEE for gods sakes make a chaaaange. people are losing braincells when they fight a 1v1 between these 2 pillars. I hope the new ship map is a good choice for a 1v1 ranked provided it gets released this year.