Tired of running

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  • 15 Apr

Would it be possible to make players spawn closer to objectives? For melee players this would probably be much more enjoyable than the current marathon you have to run just to get back to the gameplay. I get that there's a balance element, but maybe instead have slightly longer respawn, and fix up spectate so you can keep watching the battle. As it stands, you spend about 3 seconds looking at your corpse, maybe 2-3 seconds looking at other players, you gotta do the big run again. The top down view when you are respawning is pretty cool, but you never see it until the exact moment you respawn anyway. Perhaps use that more? Btw why can you still spectate the enemy team? Seems like a huge mistake in a game based on competitive balance.

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I agree. There's too much running, more so I've noticed in feitoria and castello. I can't be bothered to play them for that reason and I'm relativity quick with lighter armor, must be really tedious for 3-3-3 users.

I think spawns are some of the weakest elements of Mordhaus maps. Often miles away from objectives or spawns built right next to enemy spawns (mountain peak) so you spawn together in a big clusterf*ck.