Engineer new builds options

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  • 14 Apr

Engineer new build options :

  • Deep hole
  • Hole with pikes
  • Ammunition Crate (Supply role like in FPS)

It's just a few ideas !

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  • 15 Apr

I'm no code monkey, but I imagine place-able holes would be very awkward to implement. Ammo box is a cool idea, though it would probably have to have limited usages (like the medic bag). Also, would you get builder box ammo from the buildable ammo crate? I can't see that making any sense lol.

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  • 15 Apr

@CoCa said:
It's just a few ideas !

Ideas are always good, but you shouldn't just throw them into a thread and call it done. Don't be lazy. You need to elaborate them, thinking about how to implement them. Possible issues? How would they change the game?
The issues noted by the guy above are so obvious, you'd have stumbled across those after just a few seconds of thinking.

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  • 15 Apr

Good ideas

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  • 15 Apr

but is Deep hole with spikes possible or would it be too much??

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  • 15 Apr

Too much, obviously. Would require a whole lot of programming, except you introduce a new kind of consructions that only builders can construct at FIXED places on the map, similar to wooden walls. But then it would kill the purpose of those holes, which are meant to be a nasty surprise.

Long story short: Computer says "no".

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  • 15 Apr

I like alot of these ideas in theory but the pits wouldn't really be possible

We could instead have tripwire instead

Maybe have a ramp (like how spikes can be used but taller not offensive and fairly thin to not outshine baricaides )