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  • 2 Apr

My game has always done this thing where a part of the screen, a line going side to side, would travel up and down the screen as I moved, It is less like a line and more like a blurred area, that is straight and moves up and down. Usually it would eventually go away after playing for awhile. Now it stays. Also my character will not stop turning to the right. This is not a problem with my equipment I know my mouse is fine. This combination gives me a bad headache and makes the game literally unplayable.

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most likely a problem with your equipment

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  • 7 Apr

That does indeed sound like an issue on your side.

Do you have a screenshot video of the first issue?
What tests did you do to assume that your mouse is fine?

2021 2108

The last one could be a keyboard-related problem. AFAIK mouse movement is polled. Keyboard input works with interrupts. If the interrupt signifying that a key is not held anymore doesn't reach the game (e.g. when the game is out of focus) it is assumed to still be held. This behavior is usually perceived when alt+tabbing out of some games.

Find out if you have a key assigned for turning right. Tap that key while in the game and see if that solves the issue.