Kick system

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Current kicksystem is a joke, and abusted left and right.


I was just playing Horde mode. Others (2) of the team left and I was in round 5 or 6, when new people joned in. One of them kept insisting that I would die and reset the match. When I just kept playing, he started to make kickvotes until team (after 5 minutes or so) finally voted yes. I lost all exp and gold that was pending.


Provide a simple tool for players to report illegal kickvotes (adding snapshots as proof), and adminstrate penalties harsh enough to root out griefing from the use of the kick function (ban of week to several weeks).

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  • 5 Apr

Option to select a player in Scoreboard for Kick.

A window open and you have to provide Kicking reason.

What about auto-kick players that are above 40% team damage for 10 minutes ?

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  • 6 Apr

We already have an auto kick system.
But a better manual system, as well as a fixed scoreboard and useful playerstats would be nice indeed.

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Can we see the vote kick poll result after it has been done ?

66% voted for Kick
30% voted for Kick

Also Player has quite the game (Vote Kicked). Otherwise we only see they left with no reason.

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Yeah, I agree it's important to be able to kick people who need to be kicked (aka teamkillers, griefers, trolls)... but the point of this thread was really how kick tool is abused.

It seems commonplace that people who are playing with a bunch of friends just kick whoever they don't like, and there's nothing to be done about this.

Using kicking tool to troll people should give a lengthy ban. At the moment, nothing is being done about it. It adds to the toxic atmosphere so many people have been complaining about. Aside of all technical issues, this is probably the main issue about the game. The community seems completely unmoderated.

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I think we should have more info like for example

  • total # of teamkills
  • total # damage
  • connection time

(# means NUMBER or AMOUNT for all the noobs)

on both the player starting the vote and the player getting kicked.

Connection time is important because a guy playing on the same server for 1-2 hours is probably not provoking teamkill battles.
It also helps with people that join a server and start random kickvote. If they're connected less than 5 minutes ago maybe people vote no.

Team damage % can be very misleading. Cata players get kicked occasionally and basically anyone that kills a teammate by accident, if the % number is above 15 or 20.

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  • 15 Apr

I feel like I've posted about this a million times. Kick needs to be at least as good as it was in Chiv. Triternion does remember Chivalry, right? The game they entirely based Mordhau on? There needs to be a cool down for votekick, to stop people from spamming it so often that players eventually just give in and vote yes so they don't have to deal with the popup anymore. The current votekick stats suck as well. High level players are practically free to teamkill as much as they want. I feel most people don't even bother with votekick legitimately either, the team will just gank the offending teamkiller/troll. While funny as hell to watch it's still extremely counter productive, and can easily cause your team to lose. Having to use console to votekick is a total laugh as well lol, reminds me of the Deadliest Warrior days, a game that received no more than 2 official patches.