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Missing seemingly easy parries since patchie

Mercenary 1263 2303

Not sure if this is actually a bug, looked at patchie notes but couldn't find a possible culprit for this issue. Maybe I'm missing something...

But since this patch I'm missing a LOT of parries. Like easy parries before patch are now not registering for some reason. This especially happens in 1vx on crowded servers. Not sure what is going on.

Anyone have any idea where this comes from? Am I just missing something that was changed? Or is it a bug?

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  • 29 Mar

That's server lag. I also get massive hit/kill delays sometimes.

2428 4937
  • 29 Mar

Can't say for sure it's since this patchie specifically, since I only played high tick community servers before, but I'm experiencing the same in ranked mode. It's a 50:50 of whether those accels with the usual offenders (LS, Bardiche, Exec, Waxe) will actually get parried or not. Probably just shitty servers :(

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  • 31 Mar

thanks to the corona virus and people staying home more alot of internet providers are on heavier strain than normal

this effects both servers and the individual, its most striking when you compare the stability of say east coast servers (very unstable ) vs central where lower average population stressing ISPs making them more stable overall

sadly idk how we can really fix this im not much of a networking guy myself but this is the most reasonable explanation as the east coast servers have been suffering even before the patch because stay at home orders

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Yeah I also noticed that something wrong with parry. My speculation is that parry box is smaller now