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  • 29 Mar

Hey, I saw that the last topic about this issue dates back to 2019 and was locked. So I'm making this new one to inform again of this issue.

Started happening since Patch 17 dropped. It used to only occur on the Castello but now it happens on every map in Invasion though I didn't get the issue on ranked though. (Only played invasion, didn't try the others)
It happened to me on like 15-20 matches. Which is really annoying when I was in the top 5 90% of the time...
I don't want to spend my life on the VK Duelyard so I'd also enjoy getting something in pubs.

Also, I wanted to point out the 1st person animations when holding the champion's spear do not match the 3rd person animations. Small thing but quite annoying, for me at least.

In conclusion, I'd just like some feedback and maybe a little something in compensation ?

Thank you.

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Update : as of the 02.04.20, I still am getting "robbed" of my gold every time which is starting to get really annoying. It happens even in ranked now.

I'm at around 25 games (casual) with 300-500 gold not received. I can wait, but not an eternity.

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  • 3 Apr

Just to bump this - the hotfix that was meant to fix this issue didn't do anything, still getting nothing.

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  • 4 Apr

Update : As of the 04.04.20, The issue is still here yet sometimes a bit different. I had the normal animations with the 720 gold I had won adding to my total yet after leaving the game my total hadn't change.

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  • 4 Apr

Bumping this - Same issues, it's getting really annoying now.

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Bump this mate, I just started getting this when the new patch came out and I'm focking sick of it... why can't they just fix the focking game already

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  • 9 Apr

I frequently play horde mode and I'm getting shafted, you can imagine spending an hour finishing a game to get no xp and no gold. I have to say I've probably lost over 60k gold and several levels because of this.

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  • 16 Apr

Update as of the 16.04.20 : The issue doesn't seem to happen anymore, at least in it's original form. If it does happen nowadays it will happen like this.

The animations with money or XP will show as usual yet after joining the next game or leaving the server it will not update the XP or the gold. Basically robbing the player.

Ye, still no answers from the devs even though I sent an email when the thread was made...

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  • 19 Apr

Update as of the 19.04.20 : Well the robbing is happening way too often now. Spent a good time on VK's duelyard out of 5 games 2 didn't give me the money "advertised".

Again I take this little post as an update to other issues.
The little Animation error with the champion's spear as mentioned in the first post, but mainly others that are really killing the "fun" out of duels or ranked.

Instant accels are worse than ever I feel like.
Overheads drags that go over your head and still hit you, aka "Wessex" drags.

And finally ranked at the moment and regen in skirmish...

This is a small message to crush directly.
Crush no offense big boy... but grow some balls with your changes. You cannot make a change and as soon as people complain remove it right away. I could go longer on this but I don't see the point.

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  • 23 Apr

I've lost countless gold and xp as well. I just want to grind my new metal tints and get some swag, but I can't if this keeps up

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  • 4 May

Update as of the 04.05.20 : Ok, so this has being very inconstant to look upon. There isn't really anything making the issue be consistant or not. So, basically it stayed pretty much the same since the last update I did on the 19.04.

Since I still haven't gotten an answer from crush nor any of the devs, I'll fire up a tweet towards them and see what happens.

If they actually respond and give some info it would be really nice and will actually give me hope that they might check on if I did thread on other things involving the combat system, animations, customisation errors and other things.

This issue with combination of other things really burned me out at the moment. I also see a lot of complaining by other high level players and pros.
Alright, enough I will send the tweet today and we'll see if they respond or not...

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Ok, I'm back early for a simple reason. I checked if I could still create a thread on "feedback and suggestions" and I am unable to create threads on it because of the recent changes to the forum.

So basically, I'm going to waste more time and dump the shit I know here.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STARTS HERE---------------------------------------------------------------------

Champion's Spear 1st person animations not being accurate :

For this one the fix is easy, just do it like the halbard. The Long grip spear should be the alt mode animations.
The long grip should be holding it where the 3rd person animations holds it...

Short Sleeves with Gauntlets :

Literally makes no sense... Why wouldn't you be able to use the Hourglass Gauntlets with short sleeves. (The Hourglass and the Wisby are the only gauntlets you cannot use) If you couldn't with long sleeves either I would still don't understand but it'd make a tiny bit more sense. So, please change that.

Pole axe alt mode rework :

I think that the Alt mode (the blunt one) should have a shorter grip. Allowing the normal mode to be like a small spear and the alt mode like a sort of Even but maybe a tiny bit quicker with less range. It would give more depth to choosing one of the two modes.

Ranked :

Won't go deep into this but c'mon... Pillars, cheese spots, health regen... Is this supposed to be "Ranked" or
"Best cheese wins".

Combat animations :

We all know about them. Now I want to sorta "praise" the combat change test map. That's really good. We now
need testers just as it was done in the alpha. More connection with the high level players basically and maybe with more casual players

Don't get me wrong the game is very good, but it has issues that need to be acknowledged... The new point system is really good. It allows for new builds to be used in serious games. It was a really good change that even though wasn't asked for was a very welcome change.
Again the game is very good, but it is right now in a dark pass, I'd say. The new update was nice but it brought very nice new things, but not the changes we are hoping for.

Ye that's enough rambling, you get my point. I will just update this comment with other things I think of or find out about so I can waste more time. Ok bye now... at least until an answer.

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  • 7 May

was playing horde the other day and leveled from 22 to 24 and was supposed to get around 1600 gold, when i exited to the main menu it didn't register and i was still level 22. it's annoying as hell and i want them to return me my xp

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  • 8 May

hello peoples.
I also have received nothing in the way of gold for levelling each character build since I bought the game from steam less than 3 weeks ago. Im currently lvl 16 and would like to know when or what the DEV's if anything are doing about the issue.
I like this game and the mechanics of battle that it has to it. be a shame to let it go by like FOR HONOR.

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  • 9 May

Sooo, its been over a month and the issue still isn't fixed. The patch that broke the game dropped a couple of days after I bought it, had I still been able to refund it then, I would have. While the gameplay is cool and all, a huge appeal was the ability to progress and customize my characters.

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  • 9 May

so are we likelely to get this missing gold ?

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  • 10 May

If the devs answer maybe. If they don't and deal with it like they do with the game at the moment.
I wouldn't bet my money on getting the gold back.

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  • 10 May

Little Update : So, sent a DM to Jax (community manager) to see if it would help. We'll see what happens during the next week.

Other than that the issue is still here, nothing really changed from what I said in the previous posts.

If you really want to see if you can get things moving you can DM Jax and/or send an email. ([email protected] but it may still be broken.)

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  • 14 May

I do experience the same problem with lack of money and xp after a game is finished. I have to admit devs not responding in any way is pretty sad to see, as i thought player feedback was really important to them. Really like the game, personally not very bothered with this but I see many players being fed up with this problem.

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  • 23 May

Ok final update cause I can't be fucked to deal with this shit anymore.

The dev team is sucking off Crush even though he has clear mental issues, and they don't care about their game because I shall quote the retarded man himself : "It's a niche genre."

Now simple, if you wanted your gold or XP back well forget it. If you still like the game (like I do) do not play it until they start doing something. I've burned out on how awful the combat has become.... So, do not play the game if you still want to enjoy it to a greater extend than simple pubs.

Yeah, maybe being an ass will help. Tired of dealing with a team listening to a braindead monkey, with a game left to rot with no reward for playing casually and a comp scene left to die. Wasted so much time for a bunch of brainlets who don't even care for their game.