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Patch 17 Released!

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  • 31 Mar '20

New patch is awesome. Great work.

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  • 31 Mar '20

@Lincs said:
That guy that was raging about refunds was hilarious, but also the worst kind of player. Very obviously played with one weapon only (zwei) and shit themselves and screamed when it was rebalanced instead of... say, picking up and learning a different weapon, or - god forbid - adapting to the new playstyle of their current main weapon. This could have been easily accomplished by them learning how to play defensively with the new slower pace of the zwei, rather than (I can only assume) sprinting around the map, mashing M1 and swinging horizontally into crowds of random people like a brain-tumor-having ogre.

And now he wants to refund the ENTIRE game, a game he claims to have loved... because of that refusal to adapt. Can you possibly be more entitled??

Damn well put. ^_^

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  • 31 Mar '20

Personnally, playing only hordes, the only things I could complain about are the lags n freezings. Still huge ones in Castello. A lil bit too in new mountain peak. I just had a splendid never-seen-yet graphic glitch. After a freezing lasting for 1-2 seconds, I saw on my screen a spider web of those white lines thrown knives are leaving behind them. To instantly die after the freezing stopped. My laptop for sure is not enough, but speaking about it to other players, I'm really really really not the only one experiencing those heavy freezings. That's annoying for sure. Good luck fixing that devs, to me u did a great work so far.

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  • 1 Apr '20

About horde enemies, I think about something for a long time now. There is a big problem in the way they can push us like trucks can push feathers. If u get surrounded by npcs running at you, your move is totally cancelled by npc's one. And I think that's very bad. 2 only of them can target us, ok, but they all can run into us. If close to a wall, it's lethal. As they seem faster than before, they just have to do it, n we get stuck n dead in no time. That's not realistic and that's not playable. Many part of maps got narrow paths, just consider Castello. Maybe you don't realize how many deaths (n rage quits xD) are due to this way npcs can totally cancel our movement vector. We should be able to slightly push them to have a chance to evade in those cases. They can't be made of granite. Hope it will be read n considered for next patch !

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I need to rant for a bit and explain my frustration with the new map...

TL;DR New map gets all the hallmarks of a good competitive map exactly backwards.

The new map is beautiful but a freaking nightmare to play on, all of the balancing for the invasion mode is backwards and only leads to frustration. The first objective HEAVILY favors the defenders with tight confines and extreme choke points meaning that a group of defenders with reach weapons and fire bombs can hold out nearly indefinitely or be reinforced immediately. On the rare occasions I was able to take one of the gate houses on attack gave me only about 4 seconds before I got swarmed by blues from three sides without making any progress on the objective.

Past this first mountain is a much more fun and chaotic mad dash for objectives, but almost always gives advantage to attackers and then the last two objectives of opening the stronghold door and killing the castellons heavily favors the attackers with wide open and numerous routes of attack with little to no cover for the targets, only a truly organized group of attackers can take the first objective with certainty, and only an extremely organized and skilled group of defenders can hope to survive the last.

A good objective based map should favor the attackers in the beginning and the defenders at the end. The newly expanded mountain top fills this well with blue being able to take the valley fairly quickly but taking the fortress is a difficult and frantic slog for both attackers and defenders. It culminates in a literal straight corridor that the attackers have to push through to get to the red king. Castello gets this wrong and just leads to frustration. This feeling is visible in several maps like Grad, Feitoria, and Mountaintop on frontline mode.

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  • 1 Apr '20

The patch is great except that it removed the ability to pavise shield skate! Yes you can still do it with the bear traps but it isn't the same. Devs any chance to bring back the skateboard?? Please <3 u guys

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  • 1 Apr '20

big Rock behind the first tent on the left side from blue spawn - collision is broke or something, saw somebody yesterday who was glitched inside the rock and build a ballista inside, outside he build walls before or later dunno.. so maybe they have something to do, how he glitched inside the rock, but dunno

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I have been getting an error on my dedicated server since updating to patch 17 and both hot fixes. Any ideas what is happening and how to fix it?

LogGameMode: Error: CanServerTravel: FURL :7778/Game/Mordhau/Maps/ThePit/FFA_ThePit?Name=Player?listen blocked, contains : or \

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  • 2 Apr '20

After todays hotfix my game still crashes on startup. There is a difference now, however; rather than crashing after getting into the menu screen, now it crashes before that. So I guess that's an improvement, because now I don't have any room for false hope.

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  • 2 Apr '20

I am still surprised that slow salamander style semi auto refreshing for quick listing hasn't been added.

It's literally the easiest imaginable function to add.

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  • 2 Apr '20

granny footwork now with 2/2/2 and exe
but youre able to speedrun in 1/0/3 with maul and be easily top1
they run such fucking fast that youre not even able to get to these guys
wasnt even able to trigger the chase mechanic for a whole round
while 2 maul twins easily wrecked just everything on their way

so.. since how many updates the exe got nerfs & indirect nerfs now? cant count it anymore..

this game is so fuckin doomed with the balancing
so back to 3 rounds a day and shortly before the heart collapses coz of rage..

crush get your shit together. please.

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  • 2 Apr '20

@esturias said:

@edwyn1 said:
"Movement now slightly more weighty/grounded and less jumpy" was there actually an issue with this?

Did you never notice how players glitched and bumped around in a fight? They all moved around like superhuman ninjas, even in full armor, which was/is just ridiculous.
That was especially annoying when playing archer and caused lots of teamdamage.
It got tuned down a bit, but you can still notice it.

I did not notice this, I think light armor should be fast from the first step and heavy not so much. IN MY OPINION

or is it just people not happy after their super draggy accelly playstyle gets countered?

Countered by what? Glitchy/broken movement? I'd prefer another way of balancing things.

ill break it down for you, they over drag/accel you run past or away from the tracer. this is still possible but my god is it hard with the current movement.
Never noticed this "glitchy/broken movement".

I'm not asking for a refund but I really dislike the movement changes and heavy weapon debuff (especially halberd.)

But why exactly? I still think that weapons in general still do way too much damage in general, but especially those heavy weapons were/are way too powerful.

IN MY OPINION, halberd needs the movement speed, due to the tight locked down tracers.
I do not notice any glitchy movement and i never thought weapons did too much damage.
Do you play on a 20hz monitor?

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  • 2 Apr '20

после патча началась проблема к подключению в игру. На сервер заходит все ищет выбираю персонаж а не захоид и происодит Kick за бездействие

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  • 2 Apr '20

сервера ищет захожу на сервер а в игру не заходит

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  • 2 Apr '20

ah yes comrade, сука блядь

Mercenary 1263 2303

oh shit hide the means of production

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  • 3 Apr '20

Still way too many freezings in castello. Approaching a ladder to go down is so lethal... Awaking from freezing, down and dead, is quite not enjoyable when u ruled the horde for 20 waves and die like that.

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  • 3 Apr '20

Starting Castello alone. Ruling it. Already having to bear "players" coming, dying n leaving, n coming and dying and etc... "asking" me to die "For them to have decent equipment" (at least those haven't initiate a vote-kick, cause yeah, that happens a lot too) as if I was caring they are unable to play neither understand there is a server browser, neither understand a player with 300+ kills doing his work won't suicide for them to be carried untill they'll leave again. (My dear god, how brainless ppl can be) And bam. I get a big freezing on walls. 2 seconds after when the freezing stops, I'm falling outside the map. Those %$#ing freezings are unbear-%$#ing-able. Different variations of this : when the freezing stops, you are spiked to death, or in the middle of a group of enemies. Still unplayable.

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  • 8 Apr '20

Hello guys. Why when i am riposting i need press "feint or parry" twice to make a parry? it makes sense? maybe it should be fixed? thanks.

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  • 11 Apr '20

"we'll add a 20 unit slow debuff to all big/blunt weapons"

  • all weapons except maul


well done devs, you keep amazing me with your profound ideas.
what's next, tier 3 armor gonna get nerfed because it means you gotta swing the maul twice for a kill (unless you headshot)?
i would legitimately not be surprised.
first shield oblivion, then 3rd person removal in ranked, now this... whats next, really, i would love to know in advance.