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Stuck on "Joining server..." // Cant connect to any official servers

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  • 26 Mar

About 4-5 days ago I was able to play the game just fine, however come the next day I encountered the issue that I can't join ANY OFFICIAL servers or any server that is running Frontline/Invasion. I can join custom deathmatch and horde servers just fine but it is driving me insane being limited to only those servers. Whenever I try to join any of those Frontline/Invasion servers it gets stuck joining, and the cancel button will be grayed out. I either have to wait 5 minutes for it to fail to connect, or force crash my game. I've looked all over and tried various forms of fixes (from reinstalling steam/mordhau, dns flush, fucking around with various settings, so on so forth I can't even remember everything I have tried at this point).

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  • 26 Sep

same here .
i told developers but they give zero shit .
i'm gonna delete this from my account