Booting back to main menu upon loading into modded server.

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Pretty much the title. Every time I try to join a modded server, it says joining for a few seconds, goes into the loading screen, and then boots me back to the main menu. I have already tried deleting the file and uninstalling all mod. I've even uninstalled the game twice, but nothing seems to be working. Anyone have a fix?

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Did you delete the whole modio folder or just a file?

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Pretty sure i deleted the whole thing. Folder, that is, sorry for not specifying.

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1.Confirm that it's not the server itself has the mod problem.
2.Then if you already go into the loading screen without seeing 'Preparing to download mods..'.That means you already have certain mods installed.But you still can't join in.
Do this 1).Exit the game.
2).Delete /.modio/cache folder.
3).Delete /.modio/tmp folder.
4).Open mod_download_queue.json with notepad.Ensure no context in the file but a single 'null' in it.
5).Start MORDHAU and try agian.

3.If step 2 doesn't work,remove the whole /.modio folder.Then start MORDHAU.

Step 1 is the most important.If it's a server side problem,you won't have an answer for disconnecting.
Step 2 is the normal way to solve moded server connecting problem.
Step 3 is the final way.If it doesn't work,just forget it and have fun in another server. And you don't have to reinstall the whole game because it will take such a long time.

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Thanks a ton, that worked for me.