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Update 17 Trailer

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  • 21 Mar

@NoYou said:
Great, two more huge maps most people won't be able to run.

get a job nerd

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  • 22 Mar

"Coming soon" I hope it's not on April 1st and it end up being some kind of joke swap.

If that's the case- I will hunt all you down and take your damn toilet paper. X3

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Exept new maps, that I'm excited to play, I just wish that, the experimental slash passthrough teammate feature will be dismissed and throw into garbage and forgotten, or at least, damage dealt by friendlies will be the same as to enemy without the perk.
Best Regards,

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  • 25 Mar

there's no use putting new maps, if you don't fix the high ping and packet loss !! game and good and cool to play! but these ping and packet loss problems are unplayable!

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  • 20 Apr
 crushed — Art

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