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Attacks passing through and being blocked by players on the opposite side - video example

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  • 16 Mar

In this video the spear attack from behind does not damage the messer wielding enemy. I believe it's parried by the teammate that it doesn't come all that close to, but it might be getting blocked by active parry. It's hard to tell exactly what happened, but I'm fairly sure it entered release and entered the body of the enemy, passing from left to right through them, before getting parried - we can be fairly sure it entered release because you can hear the grunt of the spear user.

Can anything be done to fix this problem? I know for sure that if your stab collides with a parry on the opposite side of someone the player in between will not be hit, and that's difficult to resolve due to early release being parryable before you're even capable of damaging with the release phase. This one seems a bit different though, because it passed clear through the enemy for a solid chunk of time before being parried on the other side of them.


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  • 16 Mar

its problably all about "connection" issues.. /s

my opinion is, since they "fixed" wessex, the combat is somehow broken..
enemys block from behind, even if they dont even parry or block
i have literally nearly 20-30 swing through enemys without a hitreg in a round with exe
with a ping of 52 and zero packet loss, and the connection is still the same than before all the balancing show
and no, its not just me, i see this such often from other players aswell and it fucks up many fights

dunno how there can be a competive crowd with such weird fights, this is out of my mind

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  • 16 Mar

I believe there's an increase in hitting enemy parries through their back because they increased the depth of the parry into the blocker's own character model. This was to prevent insiders where someone would put their arms past your weapon by face hugging during their swing, and hit you past your parry. Definitely something we want to reduce the occurrence of, but it has this unfortunate side effect.

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There is no more locational plays and a purely timing based meta is very stale... even back stabs don't work if they pressed parry or accidentally chamber at the right time.

I just feint/morph my way through Frontline... And in duels I just spam accels and feints with an occasional drag until I get lucky due to ping/reflexes. Disgusting. Even alpha or comp players won't usually read my feint/morph during their missed combo... and it's not like I do serious animation rape during my feints.

Parry should be much tighter to allow for locational deceptions and side hitting.

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Dude... it's what we call a butt parry. You just parry with ur butt.
Thanks to people complaining about the block box being too small, this is what u get. I knew it.